Saturday 22 September 2018

Karma Is A Bitch

When her overseas business-trip got over three days before the scheduled date, Nina did not inform about it to her husband, Sunny.
This was the right chance to do what she had always wanted to - to surprise Sunny!

She had mentally made elaborate plans. 
However, after reaching their apartment, Nina was the one who got surprised.
There were some women's items like hair-clip, cup with lipstick etc. on their table.
Whose gown was lying on their bed?

She was angry to see the key of a brand new car.
"Sunny has bought a car without informing me?"
"Car is a material object. How could my husband bring another lady to our home?"
Tears ran down Nina's cheeks.
Reading the crumpled papers made Nina terribly hurt.

It was clear.

Sunny's cursive handwriting on the papers informed that he wanted Nina to be out of his life.
Nina felt awful.

She remembered how two years ago she had happily entered the same apartment.
Sunny had lovingly carried her in his arms...

Seeing them together, Sunny's wife was shattered.
She had packed her bags and left.
Nina had made them end their relationship.
Sunny and Nina had then got married. 
Payback time for Nina had arrived.

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 'Karma is a bitch' means something bad happens to you after you do something bad.
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  1. You reap what you sow. Nice message.

  2. You packed a lot into that one. Well done. And it is indeed a bitch.

  3. Nice message. One reaps what is sown by them. Power packed story indeed

  4. Karma works for sure. Whatever you do comes back to you before the day ends in this age of Kaliyug! good story.

  5. Really nice post. Thanks for sharing with us.


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