Friday 9 January 2015

Justice For Her

They were wedded & looked a lovely pair.
Their marital life had problems in its share...
She had a spat with her hubby in the flight.
Instead of home, she checked into a hotel after fight.

Hubby checked in to the same hotel the next day.
She pointed fingers at him & his ways.
She took to the social media where she had many a fan.
She accused him of relations with another woman.

Pic-Prompt; Used with permission from Magpie Tales

"She's washing dirty linen in public", some experts said.
Others felt- “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.
Little did she know that she’ll be silenced forever.
A year after her death, Qs & As about her murder...
We were There, 2014
Film negatives and oil paint on glass panel
Pic Credit: Nick Gentry
It took them a year to figure out her death wasn’t natural.
No one knows why she was killed or who’s her killer.
There are funny & fishy twists in her tale that we get to read & hear.
Why are Witnesses disclosing extra details now, & not last year?

May she get justice, & not just as her case is high-profile.
If so much delay for top cases, how can a common man smile?
Justice may be delayed,  but hope that justice is never denied.
May the law take it course and her killer(s) be found & tried...

My poem for-

Magpie Tales 252
dVerse- Nick Gentry


  1. I will say it differently , may both get justice .. many a times we dont know what has actually happened..

    but yeah i would hope everyone gets justice


    1. I agree, Bikram. May all the parties involved get justice. Hope there's no unfairness.
      False allegations & speculations are terrible. Wish the truth wins.

  2. What a beautiful lady she was! May she get justice!
    You have expressed it very well Anita... I second you, may everyone get justice...
    TC dear... Keep smiling :)

    1. Indeed Sindhu. She deserves justice; everyone deserves...
      Thanks for your appreciation.
      Keep smiling :)

  3. Yes, I too hope that justice prevails in this case, in all such cases.

  4. Interesting tale to tell. Justice will prevail, but where is she and who did it!

    1. True Linda. Hope justice prevails.
      She has been killed. Hope the culprits are nabbed.

  5. justice may be delayed...but hopefully never denied....true...
    there are far too many unsolved out always amazes me when new
    info comes to light...but then again, maybe then they find someone...

    just found your link in the comments at dverse.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Brian.
      Hope all the pending cases are solved speedily & everyone gets justice.
      Info comes to light when the investigating agency does a good and timely job. If the process is delayed, then there may be loss of evidence & witnesses- memory or life...

  6. I apologize for the late response to the D'verse challenge ~

    Hopefully she finds her justice due ~ So many injustices happening and we are letting them go unnoticed and unpunished ~ We need to send a stronger message for justice ~ Thanks for linking up ~


Your words mean a lot to me.

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