Tuesday 13 January 2015


Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle
Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai.”
- Allama Mohammad Iqbal  

English Translation- “Empower/elevate yourself so strong/high that God Himself, before framing fate/destiny, should ask you- Tell me, what is your will/consent?” 

He had fallen in love with the above amazing #KhudKoKarBuland Urdu quote by Allama Mohammad Iqbal the moment he heard it. 

He was twelve-years old when his father had shared it with him.

He had decided that that he would strengthen himself that even God will consult with him regarding his intent.
His decision to be famous and successful received a jolt when his parents expired in a road-accident.

With their death, all his aims and aspirations seemed to expire...
There are some things like death that are not in our control...

When the seniors in their family, looked for his father’s documents, they found no property or life-insurance papers.  

Alas! His father had not planned for his family... This proved to be a major setback as the young lad had no funds to fall back upon. 

He worked very hard with self-actualization as his aim. He studied really well and won scholarships.
He wanted to become an entrepreneur.

Not having any parental property or funds, he had to take loan to start his business. But, the bank wouldn’t give him a loan as he had no income. Thus, he had to take up a job.

After his marriage and when he became a father, he became extra careful. He took care of saving for rainy days too. He did not want his daughter to suffer the same way as he had...  

He pledged- “I will give her everything to make her life happy. She must fulfill all her aims...”

He insured his life, his family’s life and their property.
Some years later, when he had got enough funds, he started his own business. 

He became a successful businessman.

Today, his family is secure. 

He has shared his words of wisdom with his daughter- 

“Life is uncertain-
Sometimes a pain...
People & things expire,
But, not our desire.
Our aims won’t expire-
If we have the fire!

How important is security for you and your family? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. Awe-inspiring thought...
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. A great story! Sometimes a sad event makes people grow into strong persons, wise and caring for their family and relatives.
    Thanks for this story!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  3. An inspiring post - very thought provoking.
    Thank you for being part of this wonderful project.
    Denise Founder & proud team member ABC Wednesday

  4. Replies
    1. Optimism wins! Thanks for stopping by, Roger :)

  5. I like your post today...and it's wonderful to see you on the positive side of things. I like security as we all do, but I try to live each day as it comes and not spend too much time planning for the future.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation & for sharing your wise words, Linda :)

  6. Interesting post for the letter A, Anita. I wonder just how secure we can make our families or ourselves in this world we live in?

    1. Thanks Ellen. Hope we attempt... Do hope we all are safe and secure.

  7. A brilliant message Anita :) Thank you for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it, Sankeerth :) Thanks for reading! My pleasure :)

  8. Wonderful words, awe inspiring.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  9. Very inspiring post!
    Happy ABCW!
    A very happy new year to you!

    1. Thanks Indrani!
      Happy ABCW & Happy New Year to you too :)

  10. now that is really inspiring for sure .. a good message for all to take notice of


  11. Wonderful post, Anita. It's my favourite quote.

  12. Such an inspiring line.... a beautifully conveyed message.
    I'm glad that i read this..
    Thank you Anita..!!

    1. Thanks for your nice words & appreciation, Lancelot.
      Yes, the quote is really inspiring :)

  13. Wow! Anita, this is an extraordinary creation of yours! Very inspiring!
    I liked the spirit of our hero who didn't give up his dream even when he didn't have fund, he worked and may be at his middle age or later he worked on making his dream come true... Wonderful story!
    Best wishes for the contest, dear! May you win!
    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. May we all succeed in fulfilling our aims, Sindhu.
      Glad you liked the story and the positive message.
      No, this was not for any contest, just a campaign for which I was contacted :)

    2. Yes dear :) May we all succeed :)
      Ohk, then, may your campaign win!

  14. Just wanted to seek your permission to copy the first five lines... May I?

    1. Of course, Sindhu!
      Delighted :)
      The inspirational quote belongs to Allama Mohammad Iqbal.
      I tried to do justice with the English translation. Hope I have succeeded in my humble attempt :)
      You may replace more suitable words there.

    2. No, no! Your translation is apt! I am not that good in English like you :)
      Thank you :) I captured the screen and saved :)

    3. Thanks for your kind words & sweet appreciation, Sindhu :) But, even I am learning English everyday :)
      That's nice! Yes, screenshot makes sense!

  15. Very emotional and inspiring!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, reading & commenting :) Glad you liked it, Priti!


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