Monday 19 January 2015


The world’s female-population had dwindled and the suitable women, a breed rare, had to be won over with  love, attention & care.

He, the lovesick guy, had taken a sick-leave from work just to cook lunch for her that Valentine’s Day & propose to her. 
PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Jan Wayne Fields
PHOTO PROMPT - Friday Fictioneers– Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

He patiently waited for her arrival to his home, having a ready blue-print to impress her & prove to her that he was her best suitor. 

She dropped in spreading her fragrance, enjoyed the meal she was lovingly served and agreed to his marriage-proposal.

Photo Prompt- Permission- FSF

Later, they vociferously debated whose offering was better- his or hers!

According to you, whose offering gets higher weightage- his or hers?

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  1. according to me NONE

    both are equal, if one had not done what they did , nothing would have happened


    1. True Bikram :)
      Wish for a world where men & women are viewed & treated as equals...

  2. Anita, lovely post in anticipation of Valentine's Day.

  3. @Anita S, (on a lighter note.) i would say HIS offering. In the current work pressure, he has managed to take a sick leave on a valentines day. The next day he would have been rogered by his boss.

    Loved the narrative.

  4. whoever it is, what an interesting and nice story,
    I hope women never become a rare breed,

  5. It's Valentine's season! :) A lovely story, Anita.... As sweet as sugar.:)

    And yes, I have nominated your very lovely blog for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. :)

  6. It’s kind of going the other way, from what I’ve read—a decline in the male of the species over the long future, an inevitable way of the weaker Y chromosome.

  7. Both offerings are equal Anita. Cute and wonderful post dear... :)

  8. A short and sweet story for the prompt.

  9. Very nice and well expressed :)

  10. Dear Anita, Very cute story and I think that everything had to click perfectly for her to accept his proposal. He studied, made a plan and executed it perfectly. Nan :)

  11. Ah! The V-Day fever is about to strike the world...
    Your post is just in time..

    And whose is better?
    They balance I say:)

  12. I think they offered each other what the other wanted.. nice and equally shared... no reason to debate the thing.

  13. A sweet story woven intelligently :) You didn't mention what were their exact words. You are simply superb!

    If their debate was, 'You were better' 'You were better', then both were better as they both had respect for the other's deed. If it was 'I was better' 'I was better', then both were worse...

    There is no question of who's offering was better if 'love' worked there. If they have decided based on other's looks/status, none have done it better. As per what I see in the society, most of the times, the second one happens. Of course, precious things are rare and that's why they are priceless! What say?

    TC! Keep smiling :)

  14. hehe! A sweet romantic story so simple and well narrated:)

  15. Gud one. No need to assume female population has dwindled n hence love,care- latter needed all d tym!:-)

  16. Jaani...since i am all Bollywoody today i would say ' Pyaar mein sauda nahin'. If they truly loved each other then there was no question for debates. Love requires sacrifice...that's why i don't really believe in love. i guess everything is passion and soon it withers and dies a slow death. The only true love that really exists for me to believe in is this which every mother has for her child.
    You know what your story got me thinking...even when the female becomes a rare breed...such is the nature of he takes sick leave and cooks for her...then after few years of marriage will it be the same...
    The rare breed will want more and more to be like how it was before...and somehow the man will not be able to do so...
    As it is in the story they have just started already...'vociferously' debating...
    Love nahin passion...infatuation. QED...i am done...


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