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At first meeting, I was besotted with books & their world beautiful,
Embarked on brave adventures through a kaleidoscope wonderful!

"Fuchia" by Totomai Martinez
“Fuchia” by Totomai Martinez

I noted the bonds, details and experiences that greeted me on my way.
I felt the need to express them & share; there was so much to bank & say...

“Mood” – Totomai Martinez

All those bewitching sights, sounds, tastes and smells now found expression.
I earned a brand new identity for myself & succeeded in creating an impression!

"Sunrise" - Totomai Martinez
Sunrise” – Totomai Martinez

As I sincerely put in my best, sunrise and sunsets, days and nights flew by-
Writing was my best-friend- supported & motivated me & made me feel high!

“Enthusiast” – Totomai Martinez

My world is now in full bloom; I can hear the bugles play in the band!
Free music of writing; no brakes/breaks in this Besottted Writer's land!

“Bloomsville” by Totomai Martinez

When I write, I get lost, ready to give it my blood & tears & everything I've got.
Ah! The beauty of writing! At the end of the rainbow I've found my gold-pot!

Writing makes me feel happy & no more blue!
I am a Besotted Writer. Are you one too?

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  1. I enjoyed reading this and seeing how you reflected the photos as well. How wonderful to be a besotted writer!

  2. Excellent way of using multiple photographs for this poem. Lovely mix :) A besotted writer and reader this side.

  3. How beautifully written Anita! Very inspiring! I have learnt some new words today :) Thank you dear :)
    Your each article is an evidence for your passion for writing... Glad I am connected to inspiring people through blogosphere :)
    TC! Keep smiling :)

  4. love the way the pictures go with the lines

  5. enjoyed the B sounds of your poem.

  6. Well said its true writing is a reflection of ones soul.

  7. Hi Anita! I am also besotted by books. I can be in bookshops for hours if they let me stay!. Now I have to find people who want to have my books because i don't want my children to sort out all the things I have when I am gone.
    One of them lives in Australia.
    Well Anita, I wish you a very happy week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  8. It's like reading a mind-quilt! Lovely collection.

  9. Well, I will say you made use of a wide variety of Totomai's photos as well as a wide variety of prompts....yes, as Marilyn said, a mind-quilt.

  10. This is a rich tapestry of words and beautiful images, love it

  11. luv this pictured poem

    have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  12. I enjoyed your poem and the way you incorporated so many of Totomai's photos. Brilliant!

  13. smiles...lovely writing through the pictures to tell your own story...I really like the earning a new identitiy by creating an expression or feels so good to bloom eh?

  14. What a lovely poem on books and writing, Anita! I like the flow of thoughts and expressions in this one. Nicely done!

  15. I like the relation between the photos and the commitment. This reads like a manifesto.

  16. Great use of words with a "B". Thanks for the wonderful photos, Anita. The blooms in red are awesome.

  17. nice that you reflected on so many of his photos... it's good to get lost when writing: it provides a wonderful escape from anything that might be bothering you... smiles

  18. A great read and the pictures are beautiful. Writing, for me, certainly did begin with reading. Waiting for the Bloom. Thanks for this wonderful (or B for beautiful) piece of writing.

  19. Thanks for joining in on Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.

  20. This is so beautiful and filled with good vibes. Breezy and enjoyable:)

  21. Beautiful wandering in color and mood of being a writer.

  22. Yes, indeed, I am besotted. And often aided by photography and alliteration. Very nice ride, this.

  23. You have brilliantly blended the B words to make a beautiful post

  24. As always, enjoyed reading it!
    And the pics are beautiful :)

  25. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and looking at Totomai's colorful photos.....a feast!

  26. Really gr8 writing! Besotted u r!:-D

  27. besotted! what a great word!


  28. i am not a writer as a writer should be for when i write i just talk about what i want to share. You see Anita times are such that these days of facebooking and whatts apping people are not actually sharing anymore. We r just forwarding stuff. We are not sharing our joys and sorrows anymore. We are seriously lacking companionship. My reason for blogging actually started out with that...all that i had to talk about my own discoveries...personal or otherwise about nature i realized not many of my so called school or college frnds had neither the time nor the inclination for that. But then there was this itch...nostalgic memories that needed to be shared...some that were getting extinct...rituals that i don't see anymore...the discoveries i was making as i planted or observed...
    So i can't call myself a writer.
    But you are and i enjoy how you do in all your nuances. Like this one. This one is colorful and has words which i love. Words and colors and i love both. Enjoy reading good work and this was one.
    Thank you for stopping by at my post. Have done one again. Hope u will stop by and give it a dekho.
    i must confess though that as i read some of the blogposts like yours and others who are writers i wish to improve...i wish that as i go on my way one day i discover my own 'gold pot' .
    love & hugzz
    P.S Thanks to Susan too for the word alliteration...haven't heard the word for a long long time...not since school...really. That was great hearing it again and revisiting what it means. Whoa!

  29. What a fine way to describe your passion for writing..I see it in a painter's (other artists) soul, if we HAVE to write and paint!

  30. Anita it sure is a pleasure always .. the words and the picture say a lovely story .. Thank you for sharing it with us all and Now we also know how you manage to write so nicely afterall the passion to write..


  31. Almost every writer I know is also an avid reader and has been since they were young. Books unlocked our minds to other worlds, lives and adventures, and nurtured our creativity so that we could then tell tales of our own!

  32. Words and pictures in perfect harmony.

  33. A wonderful combination of words and views.

  34. Your lines made me feel awesome as a writer. A very beautiful poem which comes straight from your heart (It's obvious) :)

  35. I liked the way in which you have narrated your writing journey and combined it with beautiful photos. A treat to the eyes and ears. :)

  36. That's a lovely poem Anita :-) sharing it!

  37. Outstandingly beautiful creation, Anita! Terrific!!

  38. After reading this I feel it's a sheer boon for a writer to be besotted. :')

  39. Wonderful poem! And yes, I am a besotted writer too :)

  40. well done, Anita, beautiful, very unconventionally imaginative :-)


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