Saturday 21 March 2020

Nirbhaya Case Justice #NirbhayaNyayDivas

On March 20, 2020, four animals were hanged at Tihar Jail. Calling them ‘animals’ is actually an insult to the animal species. As our motherland was relieved of the burden of the four, we breathed a sigh of relief that FINALLY there’s closure to the Nirbhaya Case...
Bharat Mata, Nirbhaya’s parents, Nirbhaya’s lawyer, and Nirbhaya Case followers & supporters now have reason to rejoice.
Efforts have borne fruit. Justice was delayed, but not denied.
March 20 is special as we celebrate the "International Day of Happiness" & Pakhala Dibasa too.
On Spring Equinox, the first day of Spring, we got the happy news FINALLY.
The strong crowd outside the jail cheered.
For us, henceforth the date will also be memorable as - #NirbhayaNyayDivas i.e. the day to commemorate justice for Nirbhaya.
From the past 7 years, we have been thinking why this ‘rarest of rare’ case of 2012 for which capital punishment had been announced in 2013, and that had extensive media coverage, public anger & pressure, law & fast-track court, & President’s support, was taking so long?
Why were the rapists & their lawyers given so many chances to feel victorious time and again?
Why were they allowed to waste precious time of the court?
Why were the dates shifted & new dates getting fixed?
Why new petitions were allowed to be filed by their lawyers again & again?
Who gave the money & support for the rapists’ case? Don’t those people deserve punishment too for siding up with the devils?
The rapists had been proven guilty of such a heinous crime that has shaken our nation’s conscience & still brings tears to our eyes...
Every time a new date was announced, we were hopeful that this was the last and final time as we trust our judicial system.
The shameless villains emerged victorious with fearless smiles and no regrets; while we felt vanquished and demoralized.
Shouldn’t it have been the other way round?
Satyameva Jayate, right?
But, this is KalYug.
So we found ourselves questioning- "Kanoon ke haath lambey hotey hain?" (Law has long arms i.e. culprits will be caught).
If the judicial system was efficient and effective and really had "long arms", why was the Nirbhaya case dragging on?
There were six of them.
The conscience and guilt of only one out of the six, the driver of the bus, drove himself to commit suicide in the jail.
Four had put up good weight & physique at the jail. They were the ones who were hanged on March 20, 2020.
One of the six rapists, the youngest and the most barbaric, the then “juvenile”, is now walking freely and fearlessly enjoying his life.
And we call the victim “Nirbhaya”!
Isn’t this so ironical?
Like many, even I have written many words of support for Nirbhaya and tweets on Twitter demanding justice for this daughter of India.
This is not just about Nirbhaya, this concerns our nation.
Justice for Nirbhaya is our collective victory.
Rapists deserve punishment. So that such crimes can be deterred & no one will dare to repeat.
Rape statistics show that in nations where the laws are pretty strict, rape figures are much lower/negligible.

Nirbhaya is gone.
Her parents and well-wishers will always feel her void.
But, if we are proactive, we can avoid another Nirbhaya case totally, can't we?

Parents have to teach empathy and proper behaviour to their sons.
Why treat them as a privileged lot? Why not make them do housework and feel responsible?
The theme for this year's International Women's Day is- "Each For Equal."
If we can enforce equality in the true sense of the term, crimes against women should decline.
There’s a Sanskrit saying that starts with- “Matruwat paradaresu”.
It means- Treat other women like your mother.
Can we ensure this?
A girl/woman is someone’s daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend or relative. She is not a public property for violation. How difficult is this to understand?
Society has to change its attitude. Women deserve respect.
How are we civilized if we can’t behave decently?

When they dumped Nirbhaya after committing the horrific act that December 16, 2012 night, and her violently bruised body lay on the road, we missed empathetic brave-hearts, who could have acted swiftly by taking her for hospital's intensive care unit... She could have recovered better had precious minutes not been lost by callous passersby.

My heart cries when I find people clicking pics or shooting videos in such life-and-death situations, rather than helping, protecting, and supporting the victim by being good Samaritans.
Aren’t we a morally-corrupt society? Who is to be blamed for this?
We need more role-models and moral science lessons' education & implementation.
Justice for Nirbhaya has taken very long.
Nirbhaya’s parents & supporters have been strong.
Despite having pursued with grit & determination, this has been a delayed conclusion.
Should we console ourselves saying- "Better late than never"? After all, there are so many cases that never get reported, and in many that are reported, justice is delayed and denied!
We need stricter laws & timely intervention & implementation, prompt punishment, an efficient judicial system with plugged loopholes & judicial reforms that can repose faith, confidence, and earn credibility.

Emboldened by their multiple previous wins & opportunities, the supporters of the rapists even made a final attempt on 19 March 2020, by proposing that let the rapists not be hanged as it would serve no purpose;
rather let their bodies be handed over for coronavirus clinical trials and testing!
Really grateful that this proposal was not accepted and the murderers finally got their due.
The whole world is unitedly fighting the common enemy- the coronavirus pandemic that has caused havoc in the world in the last few months.
Scientists are seriously working and are hopeful to soon find a vaccine for COVID19 & it will be cured.

But, what about the rapists in the world, who have existed for long & many are getting added to the list, as future rapists are taking birth and getting ready in our homes?
How can we ensure that rapes & rapists are totally erased from Planet Earth?
Can we have a vaccine to tackle this rape menace and rapist mentality?
Shouldn’t the entire world work for this cause too & intentionally & unconditionally unite?
Mission- To accept daughters; fulfill the dreams of the daughters; & to grant daughters their deserving space & rights i.e. Beti Sweekaar; Beti Sapne Saakaar; Beti Adhikaar.
It is high time to send out the right signals that violence against women will not be tolerated worldwide.
May no girl ever have to go through what Nirbhaya has been through 🙏🏻
May there be no such crimes against women in India or abroad 🙏🏻
May every woman be safe & walk freely and fearlessly in our country and world 🙏🏻
Let every human live in a place “where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”, just like Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore had written in Gitanjali.
May our world awaken "in to that heaven of freedom" where all world-citizens are fearless; i.e. in Hindi, NIRBHAYA.🙏🏻

In pic- My thoughts published in today’s (March 21, 2020) edition of Dharitri.
Dharitri is a leading #Odia newspaper of #Odisha, India.
Thanks Journalist Sasmita Paikaray for sharing my views.

What can we do to ensure that there are no more rape cases in the world and no one suffers like Nirbhaya?
Please share in the comments below.

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