Tuesday 31 March 2020

Coronavirus Too Shall Pass

Coronavirus too shall pass and become the past,
This attack can't continue; surely it won't last.
All we need is be hopeful & stick on like glue.
"Tough times don't last, tough people do."

All of us are on the same boat now; united we stand.
Our world has a common enemy; we understand.
As each of us battles coronavirus- deadly & invisible,
To win this war, let's be optimistic & responsible.

No colour, gender, border, religion, region or race,
Time to show our nerves of steel & our brave face.
Our contribution can help our world in this fight.
#StayHomeStaySafe & Social Distancing is right.
Pattachitra from Odisha, India - Traditional art work depicts a woman wearing mask

Let's stay inside our home & help flatten the curve.
For our medical fraternity, let's share gratitude & love;
Also, for the officials providing us essential services.
We are all pawns in this game of Covid-19 chess.

Makes sense to isolate & ensure self-quarantine.
Let's prevent contagion by not crossing the line.
To stop pandemic, let's support the administration,
Help Govt. by being an aware & responsible citizen-

Maintaining hygiene & not spreading the infection,
Creating awareness & sharing relevant information.
Using social media wisely; focusing on inspiration.
Not allowing fake news & stopping misinformation.

Let's lockdown & break the barrier; break the chain!
Our individual actions imply huge collective gain!
Everything is possible for minds with faith & belief.
Law of attraction works; time to bid adieu to grief!

Our world has seen many challenges over the years.
History is proof; time heals & wipes away the tears.
After terrible darkness, there has always been light.
Brilliance awaits; future has been & will be bright.

Honesty, bliss, discipline, patience, perseverance,
Grit, simplicity, compassion, humanity, confidence...
All these & more will create an aura of positivity.
Coronavirus too shall pass; just you wait & see!

My prayers for my world-family-members & Earth-
Wishing happiness for all who have taken birth!
May all be healthy & experience what's auspicious,
May everyone be good, do good & enjoy life & peace.

What is your prayer for the world? What do you feel about Covid-19?
Do share your comments below.

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