Tuesday 17 March 2020

Beware of Copycats! Copycats Beware!

You have not any brain of your own?
Does not your conscience prick?
How dare you take ownership alone!
You showcase my work! You're so sick!

Like an expert magician, who enthralls,
You present my very own ideas as yours!
With praise, recognition, awards & calls,
You get to effortlessly enter many doors!

You have not the 'C' of courage/creativity!
Yet they 'see' you as a cool hero/heroine!
You've copied getting down to the nitty-gritty.
The fruits of my efforts- you get to win!

I thought of the idea; those words I wrote!
I planned the work & worked the plan.
I wove the cloth; you stole the coat!
You displayed my work; earned many a fan!

You simply changed a word or added a line,
Or translated my work into another language!
No credit or respect to the original thinker is fine?
You shamelessly present yourself on the stage!

Oh Copycat! How fake & cursed you are!
Truth will be out & will give you a scare!
Be ready! Your payback time is not too far!
Plagiarism will be caught! Copycats beware!

Remember- Original is better than imitation! 
You are an echo, a shadow, & a poor clone!
You can't copy my spirit or imagination! 
I'll keep shining even after you are gone! 

My prompt #Copycat - Click to read more posts about this topic
I feel very angry when I see people blatantly copying my or others' thoughts and ideas. 
Have you faced such copycat menace? 
What do you feel about plagiarism?
Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I had to close down my old blog Good Day Every Day (http://dil-ke-colour-pencil-se.blogspot.com) in 2012 or 2013 because there was this girl Madhulika Yadav who would virtually copy-paste every single post of mine on her blog, word by word.
    In fact she had even copy-pasted my "About Me" description :D :D The funny part was she had a whole lot of readers too :D
    I wonder how the copycats don't feel ashamed in "taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as their own"! But is this shortcut to success and fame, this "Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V" worth it?

    1. Really terrible. Sad when we have to go through such experience.
      Imagine copying the 'About Me' section too! :)
      You had to actually close your blog because of the copycat! Are your posts still on her blog? She must be reported and her blog should be removed.
      How much pain you have had to endure...
      Great that you could learn about her and know her name & blog. Many writers won't/don't even know that their work has been copied.
      Their shortcut of copy-paste earns them instant gratification without any hard-work! These selfish and unscrupulous people can stoop to any level :(

  2. Oh, yes, I recall now, I had written one post titled "Be Original, Be Yourself" on my old blog and funnily she had copy-pasted that too on her blog.
    What could be more ironic that a plagiarist copy-pastes my post about "originality" on her blog!
    Being inspired by someone's ideas is one thing (we all get inspired by one or the other) but to literally steal someone else's work and pass it off as one's own creation is criminal!

    1. Amit, how incredibly annoying that must have been!

    2. Truly ironical & sad :(
      Is your "Be Original" post still there on her blog? High time she is exposed.
      You shouldn't have closed your blog. The time-stamp and date of publication would have helped to claim ownership/originality.
      Many times I have mentioned the names of those who have inspired my post.
      Giving others credit doesn't make us small.
      Stealing is so bad. But, what do these unethical people know or understand?

  3. I like the vivid indignation in this! And, like Amit, I can't imagine what pleasure plagiarists can possibly get out of such pretence.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts.
      Having gone through many interactions with copycats, I really wish for a copycat-free world - a world where there's no copy-fear!
      Wish I could just make all copycats disappear!

  4. Very potential and beautiful write up.
    Yes, i have faced such people few times and from then i have stopped sharing my ideas with such people,those experiences were not only surprising rather very much shocking.

    1. Thanks for visiting & for sharing your views, Jyotirmoy!
      Sorry to learn of your experience. Wish we never had to encounter such people.
      Glad you were strong to decide your future course of action and moved on.
      Copycats always figure out how they can copy. We need to take care of our Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  5. Among authors the unwritten code should be honoured. Even if something is not copyrighted, or there is least likely hood of the copyright being enforced, plagiarism should be avoided at any cost.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for sharing your views.
      I totally agree with you. Just because our content carries or doesn't carry the "Don't Copy" tag, doesn't give any liberty to such copycats to copy.
      If someone is inspired by our words, they can mention our name and our post, instead of acting that they thought of it! It's so unfair to hog the credit of others...


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