Wednesday 25 March 2020

Micro Superhero

"Sorry, we cannot accept this for publication! 
It has some words that are not even in the dictionary! 
Is the plot even possible?"

Amy had typed every word with great imagination.
PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold
She clutched her novel's manuscript and made her way out.

It was their loss that they could not understand her Micro Superhero's story. 

She self-published.

The scientific fraternity was shaken six decades later. 

Amy's grand-daughter succeeded in creating the smallest microbe in history - a virus that was a superhero.

This was actually a superhero anti-virus that could kill deadly viruses, just as Amy had written in her novel.

100 Words Story for Friday Fictioneers

Why is it so difficult to accept creativity? 
Do you agree with Einstein -'Imagination is more important than knowledge'? 

May we soon have vaccines to cure all deadly viruses.
In this difficult time of COVID19 i.e. coronavirus disease attack, I request everyone to Stay Home and to Stay Safe. Maintain Social Distancing and please take care. Let us Flatten The Curve.
This too shall pass.
Lessons From Coronavirus #Covid19


  1. Dear Anita,

    May your story come true. Stay safe yourself.



  2. Yay for microbe superheroes! That's what vaccines are

  3. Topical and optimistic, good stuff!

  4. A timely superhero! I'm sure we have all felt this way before, when our best efforts are rejected or misunderstood. Sometimes we get to prove the doubters wrong!

  5. A big hooray for the superhero. Nice little story, Anita.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  6. Yes, I agree with Einstein. Without imagination, we wouldn't have dreams. Without dreams, hope would die. And so would we.

  7. Science fiction has a way of guiding our reality, for better and worse. My mom's a huge Star Trek fan and will not let go of the idea that the transporter is coming.

  8. Yay for self-publishing. Publishers can be brutal.

  9. There have been a lot of superheroes, but none as useful as this!

  10. Both imagination and knowledge are needed for any scientific advance. Science is always built on earlier work. Isaac Newton is famous for having declared that his work was only possible because he was standing on the shoulders of giants.
    There is an enormous amount of work in progress on vaccines. It is built on all sorts of different areas of knowledge, and being carried out with imagination. There may well be a vaccine against Covid 19 in about 18 months - this will be the quickest ever; Ebola took 5 years.

  11. It would be nice if we could find a super hero anti virus. Nice take on the prompt

  12. Well penned. Einstein was right, imagination is the key.

  13. That is a wonderful quote. The world awaits a Micro Superhero.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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