Thursday 28 February 2019

Fishy Voiceless Love-Story

The prince did not recognize me.

He had forgotten our love-affair.
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I screamed, "Don't you remember me? I am your Ariel..."

But, there were no words…

There was a new girl in his life, who was going to be his wife.

But, he had promised to marry me.

If I had held my tongue...
I could have sung love-songs in my melodious voice that had attracted him to me.
When I went to the witch seeking a pair of legs in place of my fishtail, she demanded my voice in return.
Why did this mermaid agree to the witch's condition?
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100 Words Story for #ThursThreads Challenge
As you would have guessed, this story is inspired by the fairy-tale-"The Little Mermaid". I often think of Ariel and the unhappy ending. If only Ariel had held her tongue and not agreed to lose her voice...
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