Sunday 17 February 2019

True Soldier

No strings attached,
You offer your help.
Motherland comes first,
"Service before self".

"Service and loyalty",
Duty and dedication,
Sacrifice and valour,
Love for your nation.
WOW: True Soldier
You can stand or crouch
At a stretch for hours.
You must be a superman,
With amazing powers.

You are the true soldier,
Standing tall till the end.
For your nation's pride,
You can choose dead-end.
Embracing death in style-
The ultimate sacrifice,
Teaching lessons to all,
True soldier never dies.

I'm sorry our world is like this...
Terrorism & war makes no sense.
Why do soldiers have to guard borders?
Angry with enemies & indifference.

Do you wish there are no wars? Do share in the comments below.

I am very upset to read about terror attacks. Why do we have to lose our soldiers? May there be no such incidents like the recent Pulwama attack. We cannot repay you, dear soldiers.
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  1. In my opinion, war is hell on earth -- no matter where the war or who fights it. A timely post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I like the stanza about combining the idea of embracing death in style and that a true soldier never dies.

  3. a true soldier puts everything else before self, an amazing tribute to those who serve selflessly.

  4. Very powerful and moving piece Anita...

  5. So sad when there is war and innocents are killed.

  6. War is not as simple as people often think. If we are afraid of war because of people dying in it then people are dying everyday. Death is inevitable. Why not make your death meaningful? Sometimes war is necessary to maintain peace, people argue.

    Did Draupadi got peace after the war of Mahabharata?

    No. Vengeance doesn't bring peace but forgiveness. Draupadi didn't get peace of my mind after getting revenge by winning the great war because she lost her all children.

    Did she again seek revenge from the killer of her sons?

    No. She forgave Ashwatthama.


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