Sunday 24 February 2019

Smart Charger For Smartphone

In today’s tech world, smartphones and gadgets play a major role and are extensively used.
However, these power-hungry devices consume electrical energy and their batteries need to be charged. Smartphone-batteries use more power when all the advanced features like GPS, Wi-Fi etc are turned on. By turning off these features and using the Power-Saving Mode, best usage of smartphone is not possible.
Solution of a 'charger that automatically disconnects itself' can be available in future phones. I often wish the batteries of gadgets were intelligent enough to ensure wireless charging from a variety of available power-sources viz. solar energy, wind energy etc. I do believe that this will be a distant reality with inductive/solar charging for gadgets (in which the gadgets get their required charge from surrounding power-sources). Phone-chargers will then not be needed! 

WOW: Someone Really Needs To Design A Better…

We often allow our phones to continue getting charged as we have simply forgotten to unplug or are not aware when the charging is 100% i.e. complete. To inform about the completion of charging, some phones have a display message or a tiny beep. Many times when I check my phone, despite my best intention to unplug as soon as I finish charging, I find that my phone is still getting charged though battery is full.I feel very guilty when I waste electricity in this way, don’t you?

Phone-charging can be and should be environment-friendlyMobile-phone chargers also consume ‘ghost-power’, if they are left plugged on even after we have disconnected our phone. Do we even care to minimize electricity-usage by unplugging them? We need to be concerned and put in serious efforts to stop power loss & ensure energy efficiency. Imagine how much electricity we can save each day worldwide from the millions of phone-chargers...
Electricity/power is mostly generated from non-renewable energy sources. Thus, power saving means a lot. Burning of fossil-fuels emits noxious gases. Our planet’s health suffers. 

Someone really needs to design a better charging system for gadgets. 
In gadgets, there should be sound alerts/alarms- indicating when the battery is:
-fully-charged (100%),
-low-charged (less than 25%).
Customizable sound alert-messages based on the current charge-status of the phone can be fun & also help us to save electricity:
When phone is fully-charged (100%), we hear a customized message as alarm- "UNPLUG CHARGER NOW!” The alarm continues till we do the needful!
In case our phone-battery isn’t fully-charged, we can also note the time required for it to reach fully-charged status.
We can act immediately & charge our phone before leaving home or getting prepared for a busy day. Then, we don’t have to risk ‘Low Battery’ or call-disconnection or panic-rushing to locate the charger to continue with our conversation during important calls!
We will ensure that there will be optimum charging.

100% charging alarm will compel people to switch the charger off and unplug it, as otherwise the alarm would continue! It will be a wake-up call for all those people, who presently simply plug their phones with their phone-chargers, allowing unlimited charging as they have simply forgotten all about unplugging! People normally leave their phones on charge overnight. 

Even washing-machines and microwave ovens have the facility of informing us when the task is complete; not only that- they also keep on playing the alarm at periodic intervals till we remove the clothes/the dish.
Such a system in our phones will be great for power-conservation.
World will benefit. 
Each year the world celebrates 'Earth Hour'; now the world can celebrate it everyday! 
What do you feel? Do share your views below.

Five years ago, NDTV & Huawei had conducted the ‘I Wish My Smartphone Had” contest. Viewers had to send across their ideas about what features they would like their smartphones to possess, so that their smartphones would become even smarter and better. The same contest was judged by Mr.Rajiv Makhni & Mr. Chetan Bhagat. My idea, about Sound Alarms that inform phone-users of the charge status in their cells, was among the Top-3 of the Top-10 entries of the contest. 
I am still waiting for my idea to be implemented.

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  1. Nice post very interested and charging should be eco friendly.Great idea.

  2. Nice post. Yes, I also hear wifi enable charging system may be a reality sometime in near future. Phones tell you how much charge is remaining, so does computers. They also tell if charge is low, say below 10 - 15% by alarm and one can always see the amount of charge remaining.


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