Sunday 3 March 2019

India And Science

Our great and ancient motherland, India, and her great scientists and inventors have many contributions to the world. Every Indian must know about our country and be proud. 
Do you know that India has gifted the world "zero" too? What would science be without zero?
Listed below are a dozen of India's scientific gifts:
1. Father of Astronomy : Aryabhatta ; work : Aryabhattiyam 
2. Fathers of Surgery : Charaka and Sushruta ; works : Samhitas 
3. Father of Anatomy: Patanjali ; work: Yogasutra 
4. Father of Yoga : Patanjali ; work : Yogasutra 
5. Father of Economics : Chanakya ; work: Arthashastra 
6. Father of Atomic Theory : Rishi Kanada ; Work : Kanada sutras 
7. Father of Architecture : Vishwakarma ; work : Suryasiddantika 
8. Father of Aero Dynamics : Mayasura ; work : Vastu Darpana 
9. Father of Medicine : Dhanvanthri  - Ayurveda 
10. Father of Calculus: Bhaskara II ; work : Lilavati 
11. Father of Warfare and Weaponry: Parashurama ; works : Kalaripayatu, Sulba Sutras 
12. Father of Sexual Anatomy : Vatsyayana ; work: Kamasutra 
WOW: India And Science
Needless to say, this is just a tiny list. 
The western world has greatly benefited from India's contribution. 

Sad that our India and illustrious Indians are yet to earn credit for all this and more. 
When can we hope to gain recognition for many of our inventions despite having documentary evidence?
Shouldn't all this be taught in schools? 

Now many are not even aware of the amazing advancements in the field of science and technology that our ancient India boasts. More research is needed. Also, sharing and spreading awareness about ancient India's scientific temper, knowledge and prowess is very essential.
What do you feel? Please share in the comments below.

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