Sunday 17 March 2019

Kind Karma

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I'll never do running errands voluntarily for others again,
Because no one appreciates or recognizes my work/pain.
Rather, they feel I'm volunteering as I'll be the one to gain!
I must have ulterior motives to waste my time again & again!

Just because I have helped and supported one person,
Other people- X, Y, Z also demand my time & attention!
My kindness and good-nature goes through examination.
I find myself in an unenviable situation with no solution!
WOW: I'll never do ... again, because...
Just to save my elderly neighbour(s) from trip(s) to the market,
Every time I went shopping, I asked them what I'll get.
With their list; I got what they wished & carried extra-weight.
For me what was nishkama karma; for them, it was a bait!

Another time, I volunteered to investigate about the 'origin'.
Despite speaking to many, at the end I felt like an assassin!
The truth had been doctored to suit some & make them win!
I cursed myself for being so gullible while watching them grin.

Once, I handed over a lot of food to a lady, who was needy.
Later, from others, I learned her version that was seedy.
She had told them that I didn't give her anything as I'm greedy!
I always wish from such people to beat a retreat speedy!

Why do I stand up for people despite all this and more?
Such attitude of the beneficiaries never improves my score!
I remind myself that- "I'll never do kind acts again anymore",
I'm sick and tired of my character-assassination always in store...

Then, I remember some lines that guide, inspire and amend.
My karma is to do good & be good; not make kindness end.
Why should their ingratitude & misbehaviour make me bend?
My kind inner voice says- "Never say never again, my friend!"

*Nishkama karma - Action without desire

Have you been in a similar situation like this? Has your kindness and karma taken you for a ride?
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  1. Yes, I recognize the feelings of being taken advantage of for your giving nature. I fall back on the teaching that what we give with a good heart, reflects on us - we have no control over how it is received, that is on the other person. It sounds like some of them have not been as kind as you have been.

  2. There are those and then there is us!

  3. Yes, a dilemma! If I find I have been taken advantage of, I stop letting that person use me that way any more – but I don't let it stop me from being kind and giving in general.

  4. So true depiction of reality and dilemma.

  5. I've often been in the same situation - doing things for others because it is in my nature to be helpful (that's why *I* do it, I know plenty of other who do it for recognition, or because they 'keep score'). most of the time, it works out just fine, and the people I help are genuinely grateful. other times...people can be ungrateful, or just ask for more and more of my time and energy. we need to decide what to do for whom, in those situations, so as not to burn ourselves out doing for others who wouldn't do the same for us. still, doing good is generally its own reward.

  6. I've been on several rides. I get better each time so that the time between being used gets longer and longer. It's their karma not mine.

  7. Well I guess it depends on who is asking… I am very helpfull to others but through a very hard way I learned the lessons you've learned… still, for a few people, I do anything

    Well as long as the fun wast a 'joint venture' too I am all good ;-)

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week at
    ♫ M e l d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

  8. I reaally liked the line, "My Karma is to do good and be good." Whatever happens,good works should never be stopped.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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