Thursday 7 March 2019

12 Points For Responsible Citizens #WorkForBharat #writebravely

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India has always been under threat from enemies. History stands as a testimony how many invaders have plundered our nation over the ages. In the present age, there are many threats to our India’s unity, integrity and peace. With the massive reach of Social Media and technology, there must be judicious use of apps and gadgets. While we are quick to enjoy our freedom and rights, we must not forget our duties, making sure we go through all the check-posts and tunnels on our journey to ensure a safe nation.
 Image : Pexels
We need to nurture and be nurtured as responsible citizens. Our action and involvement must increase especially when our nation faces crises.
Here is a list of 12 things we as responsible citizens can do every day:

1.      Be alert and keep our eyes and ears open in public spaces. Report any security threat (suspicious bags/boxes, abnormal behavior on road etc.) to the police.

2.      Follow, support and trust only genuine spokespersons and websites for the true news

3.      Do not mock, argue or doubt (viz. asking for ‘proof’). Remember much cannot be shared for national security reasons. We are no defence or policy experts and rely on top officials for taking the decisions regarding our security 24X7. They know what they are talking about.

4.      Desist from sharing any information or insights on national security. If we must, then share any news or information only after having checked the official channels and after being absolutely sure. Social media can make propaganda viral via Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. messages.

5.      Don't believe or share fake news and rumours spread by the haters, divisive forces, and negative elements. They exist in our country and across the border for their ulterior motives. They spread fake political and social propaganda online. Refrain from spreading what they want you to share. Do not be the instrument of terrorism. Old videos and photographs are passed off for propaganda. Kindly do not be a party to misinformation.

6.      Immediately take action on sensitive images or videos. Some videos are recorded by other nations to help attain their selfish cross-border terrorism objectives. Large groups can be manipulated and become easy targets within a few minutes. If anyone sends such messages in a group, caution the sender. In WhatsApp, sender can delete message for everyone within 1 hour of posting. Admins have an important role to play in Social Media. They can delete or report objectionable content in FaceBook etc. and can block or remove such members from the group. This will serve as a lesson/warning for the rest and will deter such irresponsible behavior.

7.    Do not indulge in forwarding memes poking fun of our nation. Sending such “funny” messages is not actually funny. Our nation and its security is a serious issue. Kindly treat our national issues with respect and not as a joke. Rather, put our talent and energy to constructive use by writing about other immediate issues plaguing our nation e.g. in our neighbourhood/locality.

8.      Respect the group privacy and information secrecy. Do not leak or share news not meant for other groups. In case we have access to secret-information, why should we show-off and give access to non-relevant individuals/groups about our nation’s strategies or actions? Remember that our collective online activity is being keenly monitored. Do we really want our enemy to learn our secrets?

9.    Don't click and share images/videos of our soldiers, defence-machinery, offices and public-spaces etc. Posting such images with their name and location details is a security breach. Pictures in airports, railway stations, government offices etc. can give away a lot. Kindly desist from posting such pictures or videos.

10.   Share positive stories and information about how we can act and what we can do as responsible, sensible and sensitive citizens of India. Let us nurture patriotism and train our family and friends and especially the children how to act every day. Ask them to pay attention and to selflessly #WorkForBharat. 
My reaction on WhatsApp when a friend posted a defence-related video

11.      Be prepared and be useful for our nation. Do read this post- 10 Things WE Can Do For INDIARemember only soldiers must not be expected to guard and sacrifice themselves. Let us all be like soldiers and selflessly uphold our national interests above our own.

12.  Stop dwelling on ‘intolerance’, harbouring ill-feelings and fighting on the basis of religion, caste etc. If we nurture only good feelings and feel ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is a family), then our nation and world will have peace and unity. Live and let live. Let us treat everyone with respect and dignity. Everyone has the right to freedom to exercise their individual choices. If we indulge in name-calling, shaming and infighting, then foreign nations will find us to be easy targets.

United we stand; divided we fall.
Let us be together and stand tall!
Our unity & integrity is our major power.
Nurture this; it’s the need of the hour.
Our freedom is precious, no doubt.
We’ve no license to disrespect or flout.
Exercise our personal choice responsibly.
Allow others to do the same and live freely.
#WorkForBharat 24X7 with courage & trust,
Always remember- NATION COMES FIRST.

What do you feel? How important is nurturing responsible citizens? Do share in the comments below.

I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019
Linking with - IndiSpire- Edition-263- How can we stop terror attacks? What can we do on an individual level to maintain our nation's unity, integrity and peace?

I have been planning to share my views on this topic for long. My intention to write this post became stronger ever since the ghastly Pulwama terror attack and the way people started sharing misinformation, speculation, spoof etc regarding IAF Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan.
Hope better sense prevails.


  1. This post is so relevant in the current times. In the age of information, misinformation can thrive if not checked. We need to be truly responsible, vigilant and abide by the rules and laws completely.
    Loved your unique take on the photo prompt, Anita!!

  2. Absolutely agree with all the above points! This needs to be shared. People can't mindlessly use the social media and technology.

  3. Great post on correct usage of social media

  4. Poignant post Anita! Have been thinking in these terms for sometime particularity after the Pulwama attack...the way people have been spreading misinformation! Yes, we need to be a lot more responsible! Kudos to you for putting it together and sharing it.

  5. Excellent pointers, all of them.

  6. Nothing is more important than National Security. Thanks for sharing these very valuable points.


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