Monday 4 March 2019

Odia TV Shows

What my conversation told me about Odia Channel Packs

We were discussing about TV programmes in our office. We spent most of our waking hours outside home and at office. After we get back home, we look for some relaxation or entertainment while performing the household chores. I was interested to find out which shows and channels our team-members usually watched. That’s when I realized that most of them watched Odia TV shows and found Odia programmes interesting. Zee Sarthak channel is watched by them and their family-members!
Probing further, I inquired, “What is special about this channel’s shows? Why do you watch it?”
I got the following responses:

Talent Shows
Our designer Sasmita said that she likes to watch the talent shows on Zee Sarthak especially the music talent shows for kids.
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2019 is Sasmita’s favourite as she likes music and kids. 
She watches Sa Re Ga Ma Mega Challenge too.

Our tailor, Sandhya said that she watches many serials with her family. Zee Sarthak has many family dramas, romantic dramas, etc. It was interesting to be briefed about the stories of some popular drama shows:

Family Dramas

To Pain Mun (I Am For You)
To Pain Mu is an Odia romantic drama TV series showcasing the life of a simple girl named Bhoomi and how she brings her wayward husband to line.

Jwain No.1 (Son-in-law No.1)
Jwain No. 1 is an Odia drama TV show about a businessman, who strives to better the relationship between his wife and his proud mother-in-law.

Mu Bi Ardhangini (Even I Am Wife)
Mu Bi Ardhangini is an Odia romantic drama TV show. The protagonist is a widower, guilt-ridden and latching on to the memories of his late wife. A young girl who is in love with the man in spite of the age difference wants to see him happy at any cost.

To Aganara Tulasi Mu (I am the Tulsi of your home)
To Agana Tulasi Mu is an Odia family drama TV series about a young girl, Tulsi who fights against all odds for her love, Chandan.

Rahichi Rahibi Tori Paen (Forever yours)
It is the story which showcases Jyoti’s journey to get back her father’s lost glory fighting against the injustice of her in- laws.

Sindura Bindu (Sindoor Dot)
Sindura Bindu is an Odia drama TV series which covers the journey of the female protagonist, Nilu who transforms from being a tomboy to a responsible police officer post her marriage.

Jibana Saathi (Life Partner)
Jibana Saathi is an Odia romantic drama TV show. Adi, the male protagonist, is a serious introverted young man who stays away from women and marriage, while Bhakti, the female protagonist, is bubbly and sees positivity in every situation. The story is about how they fall in love, get married and fight off evil forces trying to separate them.

Religious & Mythology
There are some mythological drama shows based on mythology and stories – Shirdi Sai Baba
and Paramavatar Shri Krishna are notable shows which appeal to the young and old alike.

Puntu Nana Nka Petajatra is an Odia cookery show hosted by Puntu Nana. Puntu Nana travels to different cities in search of authentic and exotic dishes and recipes.

Gruhalaxmi is an Odia talent reality show. The show features two teams of daughters-in-law and mothers-in-laws who compete against each other each other to prove their knowledge on the festival of Manabasa Gurubar. (Margashira Gurubar is a puja for Goddess Lakshmi on Thursdays in the month of Margashira.)

I was happy to find out that there is an Antakshari show too!
CELEBRITY ANTAKSHARI is a Singing/Reality Game Show that features Odia celebs who team up
with talented singers. I have mentioned this in capital letters as I love Antakshari! I watched its episodes online here

Sasmita concluded saying that Zee Sarthak is the “best channel for housewives.”

Final Word
My probing gave me many answers and I was happy to realize that viewers could watch and learn about Odia traditions, food, travel etc. from TV programmes. I feel, with its wide variety and platter, it offers entertainment for all age-groups. In a household with diverse choices, and family members looking for different forms of entertainment, an Odia family pack which offers a wide range of channels for family’s entertainment, is the best bet.

Which Odia TV Show do you watch?

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