Tuesday 16 August 2016

Incredible India - Vision 2050

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India won her independence on 15th August 1947 thanks to the painstaking efforts of our freedom-fighters.
On this 70th Independence Day, my Vision 2050 for our India is a truly 'Incredible India'.

An India where all citizens-
  • Feel Free To Celebrate
  • Talk freely & walk safely with their head held high irrespective of their sex, caste, creed, religion or region.
  • Have access to basic amenities & facilities & live a life of dignity with homes & toilets for all.
  • Have the finest education, food, clothing, healthcare, infrastructure & development.
  • Unitedly maintain Sanitation & Hygiene for a Swacch Bharat, breathe fresh air and feel free in open spaces.
  • Are gainfully employed adding to India's GDP.
  • Focus time & energy on excellence & raise India's status.
  • Uphold our Swadeshi roots, Kaleidoscopic Indian Culture & heritage & help to conserve & preserve.
  • Are proud to Be Indian, & use indigenous & 'Made In India' items.
  • Contribute to our nation's progress & strive to make India proud.

My Vision 2050 has peace & love in India with -
  • No border dispute with our neighbours.
  • No bullets fired in the 'Heaven on Earth' & no riots/attacks with knives.
  • No soldiers guarding our borders.
  • No bloodshed, encroachment or loss of innocent lives.
  • No blowing up of crores on defence, rather channelization for education & development.
All this may seem like a fairytale, but Visions can become reality with genuine intention & sincere implementation.
What do we want- A country that's Queasy or Radiant?

2050 is still more than three decades away.
The future depends on the present.
All the above and more can be possible if we take care of our rights & duties NOW.
We must exercise our power to choose- Vote For India & elect our representatives responsibly.
Let us all exercise our choice & voice wisely.
Vote in the 2020 Elections and let's elect a party with a majority.

Let's join hands & take steps together to build the India of our dreams.

What special dream/message would you like to share for our India? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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  1. The India existing in harmony, peace and love being the basis..what a wonderful thought. This paradigm should be extended to the world at large. All this seems utopia..but at least we can reach somewhere near this.

  2. I second Bushra. We can at least try to achieve and reach somewhere near it. India, as well as the world, would be a much nicer place to live in then... :-)

  3. Very meaningful dedication. Present and its decisions does contribute to the future. Nice one.. :-)

  4. It is more like a dream. We have to work hard to make this vision/dream come true! And as parents need to give the right guidance to our kids.

  5. 2050 is too far. Hope Good Days come soon.

  6. Loved your vision. A wonderful post :)

  7. Hope your vision comes true, so that the gen next has a far better future.

  8. hopefully .. fingers crossed.. one day .. ONE DAY..

  9. The ideal world by 2050 soul-sis :) Wish this becomes reality sooner :)


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