Wednesday 3 August 2016

Fragile Lives And Social Media

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Today's world is fast-paced. Time is premium and precious. Our lives are fragile like relationships that are dictated by the limited time. These days, Social Media (SM) too jostles for space for our time. Even babies realize this!

I feel SM can be used for humanity's benefits and there have been cases where it has proved to be helpful.

Social Media has played a saviour during many cases- including saving fragile lives from Depression or Suicide.
- A 'friend' got the warning-signals from the victim's FaceBook posts and helped the minor at the right time.
- There are life-saving Apps now available in our smartphones.
- SM is being used by prospective employers or marriage-partners to 'check out' the candidate!
   Note- Uploading drunken pics is a bad idea!
- SM can be used for counselling and motivating.
- SM can be used to keep in touch with our extended family and friends around the world.
However, there have been many incidents where SM has sparked off serious issues in relationships.

Social Media has been the cause of much havoc.
- Politicians have got angry and taken action against those who exercised their 'Right to Freedom of Speech & Expression'.
- A boy announced his break-up on FaceBook and his girl-friend committed suicide.
- A wife left her husband for a stranger she met on FaceBook.
- Husband posts details including oily food and personal pics on Instagram, while wife is unaware!
- A boy 'met' and murdered his FaceBook friend as she didn't reciprocate his 'love'.
- Class-mates bullied a student and he ended his life. Cyber-bullying is fairly common.
- There's so much drama about 'Likes', 'Retweets' and 'Shares'!
- There's heart-break and jealousy associated.
All the above are from news articles I have read recently.

The problem is when many devote valuable time to technology and their smart gadgets, thereby ignoring their relationships. It's not so smart to let the the virtual world overpower, and allow the real world to crash...

When the person in front, who means the world to us, is focused on a gadget, rather than devoting us the time or attention we deserve, then the relationship is sure to be affected.
Technology usage is up to us.
Lives are fragile and time is limited.
What we love, that we fear to lose...
Let's be smart enough to make the judicious choice- nebulous or strong relationship..
Setting limits must be in our control. The need is for a proper balance between technology and relationships.
High time we start valuing relationships and fragile lives.

Do you feel relationships are affected by Technology/Social Media? Please share your views in the comments below.


  1. Nothing comes as pure bliss. Everything has its bad and good sides. Social media is a tool and, like all other tools, its impact lies in the hand of the user. Nice article, Anita... :-)

  2. Nice article.Technology has both merits and demerits.Even when the friends are invited for get together at home, the first question they ask is "Could you please give your WiFi password.Once given they started concentrating on their social likes has come or not,Has anybody commented on new profile photo?etc.They don't value the real relationship.Sad to see this more often these days.Thanks for bringing such topic.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  3. Social media plays a valuable role in our life but unfortunately we are using it very much and for worse things . Great write up with a social message and yes the image is well suited.

  4. Very well said Anita. Unfortunately, technology is getting smarter and some human minds are getting dumber by the day.

  5. Exactly :) Their needs to be a cap..a limit. If not, we are enslaved by the very things which we intended to enslave!

  6. Well said Anita... I have also realised that I also waste a lot of time on my phone rather than appreciating small things in life :(

  7. Technology has indeed made us so much of an addict that we fail to appreciate the little things of life. There's a life better and beyond social media too and it's high time we realize our limits. A very thoughtful article dear. :)


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