Sunday, 7 August 2016

Do Your Best And Win!

Winners never quit; Quitters never win.
Being a Winner (not Quitter) is the target.
The line that separates the two is thin like skin
Efforts will be rewarded; don't fret/forget.

Success is around the corner, 
Focus on training; forget the pain.
Be patient & confident forever.
Believe & be ready to regain!

Don't worry, lose hope or give up!
Prove yourself; write your fate!
Dream & dare; don't feel life's a flop.
Promise to follow the above & celebrate.

Best wishes to Team India at Rio Olympics & to Budhia Singh, who couldn't make it to the Olympics this year.
This is my poetic message for all my friends this Friendship Day.
What would you like to say? Please share with me right away!
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  1. This is a perfect #Motivation post for everyone. Just keep your spirits high and excel in whatever you do!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful verse! :)

  2. Inspiring for all. Never quit just do your task right.

  3. That is such a positive post. Seriously, giving your best shot at everything that you do should be the motto of life!

  4. Lovely post.. Inspiring and motivating to overcome the fear of failure and rejection

  5. Such a positive post, perfect for the upcoming weekend 😊


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