Tuesday 2 August 2016

What You Don't Know

"Are you sure you have revealed everything to me truthfully?" she asked him gingerly.

Sometimes she felt as if she were a lawyer gathering alibi to present to the judge at a High Court & acquit him of all the false charges!

He laughed as though he had read her mind.

"I told you my side of the story. Now what you don't know can't hurt you", he smartly said, not really satisfying her curiosity.

"Come on, dear. I just wanna know where were you this evening... With whom?...Doing what?" she asked this at one go mustering all the courage she could manage.

She had been at her wit's end trying to reach her husband and his phone was either not reachable or switched off.

She was relieved when he finally rang the door-bell at 11:30 PM, but was upset to be greeted with a strong smell of alcohol.

He had always been a teetotaler...

She thanked her stars that at least he had driven & reached home safely. Then, she remembered that he hadn't taken their car to office that day.

Also, she noticed that he was wearing the same Orange sneakers that a lady colleague named Suhana (whom she despised) had gifted him.


That's when the detective in her started her investigation.

But, even under the influence of alcohol, he seemed to be in his trademark spirits.

"You want to know where I was, right? And you don't even believe me that I was at our Society's ClubHouse & not at Suhana's home! You don't trust me!", he said visibly disturbed.

"I never said that you were at Suhana's home! I was just asking where were you & why you hadn't informed me?" she expressed.

"Come with me and find out for yourself!" He pulled her hand forcefully and took her to the ClubHouse.

They reached the venue after a brisk silent walk.

"Go and find out the truth!" he challenged his wife.

The ClubHouse was dark. Pretty unusual for a Saturday night. Where were the disco lights, the Saturday party songs & all the Society members?

Still she walked inside the dark hall.

She shuddered as the Giant Pendulum clock struck 12 gongs that pierced sharply into the still atmosphere.

She turned back to see if he was there behind her, but he had disappeared!

And then suddenly there was light!

The ClubHouse sprang to life!

"Happy Birthday to you!" everyone chorused!

"Happy Birthday dear! What you don't know is- I have been secretly planning your birthday party! And no, I am not drunk!" he winked ;)

Do you feel- What you don't know can't hurt you'? Have you encountered suspicion in your relationship? What can one do to avoid it? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Nice story with surprise ending Anitha. I never faced suspicion in my relationships and i think, if trust is broken, relationship will be lost.

  2. That was quite a nice ending.. I loved it.

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  4. What a lovely surprise?! It's only human to be plagued by doubts and suspicion at times. Happens to the best of us.

  5. That was one sticky spot that he wriggled out of. Even though it was completely intentional, the guy took a mammoth risk. :P

  6. What a surprise. Hope all her doubts were put to rest!

  7. Very well wriutten with a perfect ending!

  8. Wonderful story. I have never faced suspicion but yes one needs to have trust and patience when it comes to relationships.

  9. Wonderful narration.. and a sweet surprise at the end.. :)

  10. Totally agree... sometimes we are better off not knowing. I know it maybe a minority opinion but it helped me move on with certain aspects of my life.

  11. Nice ending, Anita! :) That was a lovely surprise!

  12. Wish someone throws me a birthday party. I love surprises. Lovely read.

  13. Nice take on the prompt. I believe, at times, what we don't know about a person or a situation is far better than realizing the complete truth of a person. I had a recent revelation of a friend and it devastated my mind.

  14. I am sure any wife in the world wife love such surprises but what if it wasn't her bday and she discovers something which will break her down.Nicely narrated.reflects positivity


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