Thursday 4 August 2016

Caught Red-Handed

How we love and cheer when a movie's wronged hero or heroine swears to catch the villain "red-handed" and actually manages the same! However, there's difference between reel and real life.

Perhaps an 'Angry Young Man' or 'Supergirl' can ensure the villains getting caught red-handed in real life too.

I feel if people knew that they were sure to be caught red-handed and heavily punished, then they would never attempt anything terrible. No untoward incident would have happened as no one would have dared to indulge in any wrong-activity.

Just imagine a world where there's -
1. No Rape
3. No Cheating
4. No Corruption
5. No Nepotism
6. No Extra-Marital Affair
7. No Bomb-blast
8. No Terrorism
9. No Littering
10. No Lying
11. No Domestic Violence
12. No Drug-Abuse
13. No Suicide/Murder
14. No Plagiarism
15. No Spitting
(Not an exhaustive list)

All this and more would have been possible if only people had fear that they will definitely be caught red-handed and would get severe punishment.
Crimes would be deterred.
What a world it would have been!

Now, people shamelessly indulge in heinous crimes, as they know that they can and will get away with anything and everything. 
Exposing the true colours of those who don't want to be exposed, will make a really good picture! 
The wrong-doers will consciously stay away from the colour red that spells danger!

What are your views about getting caught red-handed? Do share in the comments below.

BlogARhythm - #BarAThon Day 4 - Caught Red-Handed


  1. I absolutely agree with your thoughts, Anita.

    Amen to the above thoughts!!

  2. Fabulous take on that prompt, Anita.
    Harsher punishments would stop people ...or at leasT I hope

  3. You are right. All sorts of crime are on rise because people have no fear, there is a general understanding that even if one gets caught doing a crime, he will get away somehow.
    Fear and punishment should get harder irrespective of status or social position.

  4. Ultimately, karma does catch you red-handed, if not any one else. Wish everyone kept that in mind before attempting any crime.

  5. A brilliant take on the prompt, Anita. Implementationof rules is what ones need. Nobody is serious. They all know nothing will happen and so they are not worried about being caught. Chaltha hain attitude .

  6. Absolutely true Anita! The fear of getting caught and also the fear of the punishment has to be strong enough to deter such heinous crimes. Sounds like a simple enough logic, but why doesn't it happen? Its simply because of vested interests...dirty politics!

  7. Oh yes, if people knew the consequences of their crimes, they would not indulge in them. Like how it is in gulf countries. The crime rate is so low there. A novel take on the prompt, Anita!

  8. So true, Anita. Strangely, people respond better to punishment. They take kindness lightly. Fear is the only way to keep people from committing crimes. Hmm. Great response to the prompt!

  9. It's the lack of fear where crimes such as rape and killing are committed. The day will come when the people will take law in their own hands and finish that criminals in broad daylight!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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