Wednesday 29 May 2019


When he came to his senses, he could feel the harsh rays of the sun.
Opening his eyes, he saw that he was lying on a soft bed of sand on a golden beach of a tiny island.
He remembered his boat getting capsized in a terrible cyclone the previous night.
He was alive!
PHOTO PROMPT - Susan Eames
He realized that he was the only human-being on that island.
He wondered where he was.
How could he establish connection with the rest of the world?
He felt helpless with no gadgets...

He climbed a coconut tree.

He spotted land a few nautical miles away.

How would you feel and what would you do if you realized you are the sole castaway on an island? Do share in the comments below.
100 words story for Friday Fictioneers


  1. I'm guessing there's another castaway on that island and they'll cross mid-ocean

  2. Dear Anita,

    Castaway and separated from technology. Scary.



  3. The stuff of nightmares - or dreams? Nicely done, Anita.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  4. Good survival story, Anita. I suppose I'd try to build a boat if I could. I'd also build a signal fire and use rocks or something to make a message a plane could see. I've watched survivor programs. :) --- Suzanne

  5. I would be scared if marooned on an island with none for company/help. I would pray to God for help.
    I would try to ignite a fire using sticks or stone on the island. I will look around the islands and try to take stock of the situation. see if there is fresh water or some fruits to eat.

  6. In some ways the idea of getting away from it all and learning to survive on my own sounds quite nice. On the other hand, could any of us survive without a smartphone?!

  7. I'd look for fresh water immediately. If there was no source on the island, I would look for a way to condense it from the atmosphere. You can survive weeks without food, but only days without water.

  8. What would I do? Fresh water would be priority. Second, some sort of shade. Food-- roots and berries, fish, whatever. It would be hard to build a raft with no tools, but important to perhaps build a signal fire to light after dark.

    I think I'd pray a lot.

  9. I'd have to look around to get oriented, then decide what to do. I think he did the right thing. He could also eat coconuts while he was up there.

  10. He's alive for one thing. He'll have to Tom Hanks his way out!

  11. With everything that's going on in the world right now, I reckon I'd see it as a bit of luck1

    My go at Friday Fictioneers!

  12. Build a shelter, look for water you can drink, fish, build a fire and keep it going in case a ship passes close. =) Throw the gadgets away, won't do you any good. Thought-provoking story!

  13. Castaway, no internet, and all alone. What could be worse than this! Well written, Anita

  14. He's alive, after a cyclone. Darn, he needs to buy a lottery ticket with that luck!

  15. I guess the situation wouldn't be as romantic as often imagined by far. He has at least one coconut tree, that's good. Water, shelter, food, a fire. Easier said than done. Great question.


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