Wednesday 1 May 2019

Adopt An Animal Of Nandankanan Zoo

If you visit Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha in India, you must visit the Nandankanan Zoological Park.
The name of this beautiful and rich zoological park is Nandankanan - meaning "The Garden of Heaven".

This zoo has amazing wildlife. I have many memories associated with this zoo, as I have visited it many times during my school vacations and on trips with my cousins.

There are strict dos and don'ts as to how we are to deal with the animal, especially when we are visiting the zoo. I always acknowledge the huge sacrifice that animals in a zoo have to make for us. They have been forced to give away their freedom so that the visitors can see them... It is a learning experience for children, no doubt. Kids are reminded not to feed outside food to animals and also to behave properly. The hot summers are tough and I often think of how different their lives would have been had they been out of the zoo, and in the open.

There are many animal-lovers, who would love to rear pets at home, but cannot keep them owing to several reasons viz. time and space constraints. Plus, one can think of keeping a bird, a fish, a cat or a dog, but can you imagine adopting an animal such as - Elephant, Tiger, Zebra, Chimpanzee, Leopard, Gaur, Cobra, Orangutan...? 

Though this may have been your childhood fantasy, you might think I am out of my mind to even suggest this!

Yes, one can actually adopt any one or more of these Nandankanan Zoological Park animals!
The adoption cost ranges from Rs 2000- Rs 50,000, depending on the animal we choose.
If you are keen to adopt an animal, do check out this official website of the- Nandankanan Zoological Park.
All we need to do is to pay the adoption charge and we earn a new animal friend.
Come on, take your pick!
Owl, Tortoise, Python, Stork, Deer, Ostrich, Monitor Lizard, Black Buck, Turtle, Budgerigar... huge list with so much variety!

Which animal would you like to adopt?Do share in the comments below.

Z for- Zoo
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  1. Does the person actually get the animal after paying in the adoption website of nandankanan.. for example if I were to adopt a macaw, and pay the amount, do I get the bird ?

    1. Thank you for your interest.
      No. When you pay the amount for adoption, it's like taking responsibility for the creature by providing funds for their comfortable stay and maintenance.
      You perhaps get to earn extra privileges & satisfaction to periodically visit and check.


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