Thursday 2 May 2019

Padma Shri Agricultural Scientist - Kamala Pujari

Kamala Pujari is a strong tribal woman from Koraput district. This activist and scientist has done a great service to society by preserving hundreds of local varieties of paddy and promoting organic farming. This year, she was awarded India's fourth highest civilian award "Padma Shri".
When I met Kamala Maa some months ago, she expressed her helplessness that Odisha has lost many of the indigenous varieties of rice grains. 
But, hadn't she spent many years of her life collecting and preserving the seeds? What happened to those? 
She alleged that she does not have possession of those jars that she had painstakingly worked on as the M.S.Swaminathan Foundation has taken everything away. Why and how does she claim ownership of what belongs to them (the tribals)? 
I am searching for answers.
These ancient and indigenous varieties of rice have unique characteristics and must be applied for the Geographical Indication (GI) tags. 

In fact, the previous name of the state, "Orissa", derives its name from "Rice" that is called "Oryza Sativa".

There is no doubt that the seeds are endangered and organic farming is essential.
Now that Kamala Maa has earned the Padma Shri, hope her learnings and teachings are taken well cognizance of and properly documented. It is action and implementation time now.

S for- Seeds, Scientist
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  1. kamla pujari such a fine lady. Apreciated oraginc farming by kamla pujari .Love to read about her \thank you so much

  2. Great !
    Congrats Kamala Pujari !
    Thanks a lot for her outstanding contribution to preserve culture and tradition of Odisha. Love to read about her.
    Thank you for your nice blogs.

  3. froud of my koraputia culture


Your words mean a lot to me.

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