Friday 15 March 2019

Just Jazz

He took her to the Club-house.
He still remembered her piano performance for the Club’s Annual Day two decades ago that had made him fall in love with her.
He considered himself lucky that she had agreed to marry him.

She wanted to play the piano again.
“Make me fall in love again?” he winked!

Her expert fingers got busy with the keys.
“What do you hear?” she questioned while playing her favourite piece.
"Just Jazz”.

She could hear nothing; a deadly car-accident had made her deaf.

He couldn't hear anything; the old piano had lost its sound of music.
PHOTO PROMPT - Anshu Bhojnagarwala
100 Words story for-
Friday Fictioneers , #ThursdayThreads & ABC Wednesday- J.
Isn't it strange how so much changes with time? Do you feel that we do not get to choose what music we want/need to hear? Do share in the comments below.


  1. Wow! That was so beautiful and powerful, Anita. Amazing story.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  2. Dear Anita,

    It's amazing what some people can do. Nicely done.



  3. A sweet story, Anita. You got me crying. :-)

  4. I loved the way you crafted that poignant story

  5. Excellent Anita, the loss of her hearing represents so much more.

  6. She couldn't hear it but I'm sure she could feel it.Beautiful.

  7. A touching and vivid tale!

  8. Touching how far they've come, all they've been through, but the music is still there, even if they can't hear it. Nice spin on the FF prompt

  9. OH my how sad …. I hope the love wass still as strong as ever before

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week at
    ♫ M e l d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

  10. while many things change with time, much stays the same, as well. and though I don't get to choose what music I want to hear when listening to the radio, I can always change the station and find something I like better. or put on my own music. or sing. sometimes, I am reminded of a song I haven't heard in a long time, and I am happy to be reunited with the joy it brings me.

  11. That's beautiful. They still hear the music with their hearts and the love for each other.

  12. Oh, how beautifully sad. I love your idea for this prompt.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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