Friday 10 June 2016

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Some time back, I borrowed money from my friend.
As I just needed a few extra rupees to spend...
Though I believe- "Never borrow & never lend,
If you want to keep a friend", yet I took from my friend.

Later, we moved to separate cities & were not in touch,
But, I did miss & remembered her many times as such.
My guilt of having borrowed, though amount wasn't much,
Nibbled my conscience; my repay-commitment was staunch.


Then, suddenly, she came to my home that day!
I was so surprised I didn't know what to say.
The first thing I did was pass the envelope her way.
Before she even asked for money, I wanted to repay!

But, the envelope remained in my hand only,
I woke up from my dream & found myself lonely.
She was not in my room; had disappeared promptly?
Or was it my outlandish imagination tricking smartly?

Then, I was perplexed as she often came whether sun or rain.
I checked & learnt that she was dead! Imagine my pain!
As per her family's wish, I paid my due to an orphanage in her lane.
I felt at peace and then I never saw her again...

Do you believe in Karma? Do you borrow or lend? Do you feel guilty unless you have repaid your debt? Please share in the comments below.

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WriteTribe Prompt#2- What are you thinking of right now? 
I am thinking- 
"Never borrow never lend and try to keep accounts clear with your friend. Karma catches up and the accounts have to be settled at the end."


  1. love your poem for its smart way of elucidating Karma!

  2. a beautiful narrative here Anita, so enjoyable..

  3. really love your poem... My eyes filled with tears... beautifully written

  4. Lending and borrowing money often mars a friendship. I have lent and it as always been returned, so in my case no problems encountered.
    Anna :o]

  5. Beautifully written Anie. Not only money but love and affection and especially hatred/hate speech/criticism/insults...all of them ...I don't like to keep anything with me. I ensure I pay back with 'Interest'. :p

  6. It's not only money, it's about feelings, gestures and actions too!
    Great poem, Anita:)

  7. Absolutely...the loan haunts us to no extent and this poem is very poignant and profound. Loved the title..a mishmash of the contemporary with our tradition...

  8. Perfect title and perfect poem! It was a pleasure read..

    Have borrowed and lent and also made sure it settles back quick! :-)

  9. I like your approach! It is important to repay what one has borrowed for sure.

  10. Good one. I've always been open to lending but I do not borrow. I like what you said that never borrow or lend. But friends are family. If not them, who?

  11. Yes I hardly ever borrow and I would agonize over it till I have repaid!

  12. Very well said. There is a message there... I can't sit calm till I have re payed back.

  13. Very nicely penned...i was with you till the end...for I too suffer the anxiety pangs until I repay anything I borrow, which in any case rarely happens..especially the money.

  14. Beautifully penned. Anita. Karma does work in a painful way sometimes. And, I, too, believe this, "Never borrow and never lend, if you want to keep a friend"... :-)

  15. I never do anything wrong, if that is going to hurt somebody in anyway. But if by mistake something happen, I try to correct it immediately.

    The story you are trying to tell in the form of a poem is really touchy one.

  16. Loved the banner of the page with the eyes of Lord Jagannath.

  17. I do believe in Karma and believe that whether willingly or unwillingly but we have to pay our debts, be it emotional, economic or of any sort. Very beautifully penned and brimming with emotions.. simple yet evoking a wonderful thought! :)

  18. Beautiful poem depicting Karma. Heart touching. :-)

  19. Nicely done with all the prompts. It's a nice depiction of karma and I'm impressed with for use of the three words :)

  20. I Indeed do believe in Karma...and no I never borrow anything from anybody, have lost to much through that in the past.

    Have a nice abcwednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  21. A nice poem, Anita, expressing a sincere sentiment. Good use of the prompts.

  22. Beautiful poem soul-sis, karma as in deeds sometimes brings pain...irrevocable.

  23. That was a great poem. I HATE borrowing money. I would MUCH rather lend it and lose it.

  24. That was a surprise ending. I'm glad the narrator does not feel guilty.

  25. WONDERFUL prose and oh so true with a surprise twist
    at the end!
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.


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