Monday, 20 June 2016

I Am Enough

I noticed her presence some years ago.
She watched me whether I was high or low.

Every move I made, she analyzed with glee.
I tried to confront this girl & reveal the mystery.

But, she always disappeared & I couldn't locate,
Irrespective of my quick reflexes & mental state.

Of what interest can I possibly be for her?
I wondered- Why am I the object of her wonder?

I started dissecting my actions & my personality;
Then, in the mirror, I found her staring at me...

I realized her identity- she's a part of me! She's ME!
I am enough with my hope, potential & creativity...

“I am enough” – Brene Brown
Sometimes do you feel that you are enough? Do share in the comments below.


  1. I love it!! So apt. And yes, I am enough! Thanks for sharing, Anita! :)

    Do check out my latest post:

  2. Nice thought on Introspection Anita.

  3. There are days of self doubt and insecurities but hope and faith in oneself makes life easy.

  4. I love it...sometimes we are our own worst enemies!

  5. Our inner critic runs wild if we let her.


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