Friday 24 June 2016


The rain & its sounds give them much delight.
As they revel in its wonders, dance & do rap,
It doesn't mean much to me as I'm a xerophyte*.

What's celebration for them, is taboo for me,
Their requirements have been different from mine,
That monsoons are nature's gift I very much agree.
Yet, despite rain-deficiency, a xerophyte like me is fine.

Still, I try to be one among them & join in the revelry.
Rain is my teacher & support that has taught me a lot.
But, I just can't mend the tattered relations, you see...
Truth is- relations, with those different than us, are taut...

I question all- Why this selective treatment & disparity?
Why the disinterest to learn any lessons from the rain?
Why can't we uphold equality, solidarity & unity in diversity?
Why no happiness & joy; rather only discrimination & pain?

I find the washing away of many wounds & stains.
What still looms large is the ever-widening gap.
 But, my voices get lost in the sounds of the rains...

*Xerophyte- Plant adapted to surviving with little water

What lessons have you learned from the rain? Do you ever feel like the Xerophyte protagonist in the poem? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Beautifully written poem about rain and plants. It gives us a fresh outlook about life, too:)

  2. Ah xerophyte!that doesn't care about rain but the lessons sure!

  3. I admire the description of our relationships with those different from us as "taut" - great choice of word......I applaud the wish for unity in diversity..........and love the rain tap tap tapping through this poem.

  4. Beautifully written, Anita :D

  5. I have never heard of "xerophyte" so this was interesting to read.

  6. i love the welcoming note here and the voice of acceptance...

  7. Hi,
    Am David Lynne- I feel so happy When i read this poem. It is really good to read and I Love this poem. Awesome written. Thanks for share this poem.

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  8. Your poem had such intellectual meaning... I absolutely loved each and every lines of your poem !!

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