Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Spill The Beans

"Spill the beans!" they demanded of me urgently.

I had no beans to spill actually, couldn't they see?

I just know how to cook & eat beans tastefully.

I had wandered across the border unintentionally;

But, the adamant police just didn't believe this refugee...

44-words poem
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  1. Suspicions are hard to handle... maybe we need to trust a little bit more.

  2. Clever, clever take! Love this.

  3. If you are a refugee, everyone is so suspicious ~ Enjoyed the short story Ania ~

  4. A poem about beans! Ha, this made me... oh, excuse me! A playful romp here, Anita!

  5. Aha, very thoughtful and nicely weaved!

  6. You've shown your empathy brilliantly.

  7. Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this one. (Perhaps I'll just applaud.)


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