Sunday 29 December 2013

The Most PAUSitive Person-II

This Post is more about my Papa- the most POSITIVE Person I know. I discussed how he likes and upholds the clean-shaven look in my Post- The Most PAUSitive Person-I

Ever since I was small, I have always seen Papa and all my uncles clean-shaven.

As both my Paternal & Maternal sides of my family are pretty large, there are many members. All males are clean-shaven!

The only time when I have seen the male-family-members with stubble is when there is a death in the family.

As per our custom, we do not have to cut anything- no hair, nails etc during the mourning period of 10 days.

Ever since I know, I always hate a death… 
Plus, I can’t tolerate to see the usual clean-shaven men, especially my handsome Papa, moving around with stubble as I hate that unclean stubble*.

On the 10th day that’s called ‘Dassa’, the barber shaves all the men folk, while the barber’s wife cuts a bit of hair of the women folk. 
Men are finally clean-shaven…
Everyone’s nails are also cut. Everyone then wears new white clothes and there are prayers. 

To me, Stubble is associated with a death in the family…

Now when my hubby does not shave and has a stubble, I tell him, “I am not dead as yet!”

*83% Women think men with stubble haven’t taken a bath.

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  1. This is a touching post. Well thought of.

  2. That is a slight shocking interpretation to the theme.
    I guess you have covered maximum number of aspects of life with this theme. Powerful writing Anita!

    1. You understood the intensity, Indrani... Truly the way I feel... When we feel strongly about something, words are easier...
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation. What more does a writer want ?! :)

  3. Indrani voiced my thoughts.. quite a strong interpretation and written very well!

    1. Thanks a lot Seeta for your kind words :)
      Death is never a good topic to discuss. This activity gave me a chance to express about the mourning period & the customs, wherein the Barber's family has a huge role to play...


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