Friday 13 December 2013

PASS with Jai Siya-Ram!

Siya was at her parent’s home during her pregnancy. 

Her husband, Ram, a software engineer deputed abroad, had flown down for the delivery.
They were delighted to be blessed with Twins- two cherubic baby girls- Luvi & Kushi! 

Ram left and had returned to India a week ago.

Siya went to her husband's home with the now 5-months old Twins. Siya arrived with Luvi in her arms while her mother was holding Kushi. 

Ram was eagerly waiting to hold his little ones.
But, it was perplexing for the new dad as the moment he went near the Twins, they started wailing! 

His mother-in-law said, “Babies need more time to adjust to a new face!”

Ram tried to approach his babies that night when they were sleeping. He thought, “Now at least they can’t see me! No question of familiarity!”

But, the sleeping beauties awoke all the same & started howling when he went close! 

After Siya put them to sleep, she said to Ram, “I hate that unclean stubble. It is smelly and unhygienic. No Shave = No Bath. I remember my Chemistry Lab! Hydrogen-Sulphide- The smell of Rotten-eggs! As babies have a keen sense of smell, I feel Luvi-Kushi have a problem with your stubble.

Ram realized- Babies know best! Stubble had failed the test!

Actually, Ram had always been clean-shaven.
His clean-shaven look had bowled her (his wife) over.

But, workaholic Ram had been busy with his Project lately and had neglected himself, allowing facial hair to grow!

After he shaved he looked his best!

Morning was magical as the Twins happily smiled and made themselves comfortable in their Dad’s arms! 

His clean-shaven look bowled them (his wife, his mother-in-law and his two angels) over!

Also his lady-Boss handed his long-due promotion at Office!

“Smelly To Smiley” Metamorphosis!

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  1. What makes this post really cute are the names of all the characters of the story. :)
    I am sorry i couldn't respond writing back for your tag, last week has been painfully busy.
    Can i respond to that tag on Monday (Dec 13th) dear??

    1. Great that you noticed it Priyanka! :)
      You take your time to respond as contest is on. It's absolutely fine! :)
      Thanks in advance :)

  2. Luvi and kushi! Hahaha . glad Ram realized that his kids also prefer the clean shaven look! :)

    ╱◥███◣ħᎯνε Ꭿ 
    |  | 田 田 |. ╬╬╬ɴίƈε ɖᎯϓ 

    1. Pallavi, Thanks for the sweet home & message! You have a great day too :)
      My kid used to cry when my hubby hadn't shaved! Good reason to be clean-shaved :)

  3. Innovative and funny post Anita :) If you are done with the tags, let me know, I shall tag you :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sarav! glad you find it 'innovative'! It's based on practical experience though :) (No, I don't have Twins!!!)
      Thanks for the offer, but I already have tags to attend to. Have to write 4 more to do justice to commitments! Had there been no limit of 10, would have shared more depending on time! :)

  4. I have tagged you. pl. accept it

    1. Thanks a lot for the tag. But, I am afraid I cannot accept it as I already have 4 more tags to attend to (10 is max!) :)

  5. hahaha, i am loving these stories :D! you are quite an active blogger, eh?

    1. Debajyoti, Thanks!
      I am so glad my PASS stories appeal to you!
      Do read my Bollywood ones, if you haven't already. You'll like them too as from your Posts I understand that you too love Bollywood like me! :)
      This PASS activity has made me more active than PASSive! :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Indrani for your encouragement :)
      Delighted that you loved my story :)

  7. Hi Anita, this is a wonderful story of Ram and Siya. Written well :)
    Here is the post where I have acknowledged your tag The Secret Recipe

    1. Thanks Uma for the appreciation & of course, response to my Tag! :)
      Just read your apt story with the moral. Well-expressed, as usual.
      Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Haha what a story-intelligent dolls!

    1. Delighted that you liked it, Indu!
      'Child is the father of man'! We learn a lot from our kids and have to adjust according to their wishes, especially when they are babies! That's what has happened in the story. :)

  9. Hey nice post! I've accepted your tag here: and tagged U back! Plz accept my tag too as I've tagged U! :)

    1. Thanks for responding to my Tag & sharing the link, Amrita :)
      I agree with your thoughts in your Post. Really nice :)
      Best wishes.
      Hope you entered/updated on the BlogAdda site PASS link too. :)

  10. Funny you included 'Smelly yo smiley' prompt here :P Nice read as always. Lady-Boss handing a promotion after shave, was genius :D

    1. Thanks a lot Anil for your kind words! Delighted that you liked it :)
      I used the prompt as I felt it fit well- Babies were now Smiley after the Smelly Stubble was gone!
      Promotion handed over proves that Maa Lakshmi is kind to those who are 'clean' :) Also, I wanted to show that his li'l daughters heralded good news for Ram :)

  11. Best wishes for the contest! Well written!

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks a lot, Sindhu! Delighted that you liked it :)

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading :)


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