Sunday 29 December 2013

PAUSitive Reunion

In a village, there lived two pretty twin sisters named Anju & Manju.

When it was time for them to be married, their marriage was fixed with Karan & Arjun.

Manju was the smarter sister of the two and had settled for a love-marriage with Arjun.
His clean shaven look had bowled her over!

Anju’s marriage was “arranged” with Karan, who had just shifted from the city.

Strangely, though Anju & Karan had never met, yet their marriage was fixed as their horoscopes had matched!

On the day of the marriage, there was the Haldi^-ceremony in which the Bride & the Groom had to apply Haldi that was sent from one another’s homes. 

That’s when Anju came to know that Karan had a stubble.

She was very upset. She said, “I hate that unclean stubble.*”
Anju wanted Karan to do away with his stubble, else she wouldn’t marry!
Karan obliged and became clean-shaven. (He had seen Anju before & wanted to marry her!) 

Their marriage was to be solemnized in the village Temple.

When both the grooms, Karan & Arjun reached the Temple, the on-lookers were startled that they looked similar- as if they were twins!

The Temple-bells started ringing automatically!

There was an old lady at the Temple, who always said, “Mere Karan-Arjun aayenge…” (My Karan-Arjun will come...)

Seeing them, she said, “Mere Karan-Arjun aa gaye!” (My Karan-Arjun have come!)
Karan & Arjun were her twin-sons who had got lost in the Kumbh-Mela. The grief had made her lose her memory. Seeing them together, made her regain her memory as they even had the same ‘lockets’!

This way there was Maa-Beta (Mother-Son) & Bhai-Bhai (Brother-Brother) Reunion. 

As both the sons were clean-shaven, it was easy to recognize!

Karan & Arjun married Anju & Manju!

^Haldi- Turmeric.

*83% Women think men with stubble haven’t taken a bath.

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  1. Thank You so much for accepting my tag in time.. I have added it in the form
    Thanks again!!! :)

    1. My pleasure, Aditya! Happy to be on-time! :) Best wishes :)

  2. Haha! Fulltoo Filmy haan ;) I enjoy reading your PASS posts. They are so entertaining :)

    1. Thank you so much, Pallavi :) That's lovely to know! Thanks for your love & support! It's my fuel to keep writing!

  3. This is interesting.. had fun reading.... A question...Do I need to tag more people with my blog post?

    1. Thanks Namrata! That's nice to know :)
      You many tag more people! I have replied on your Blog :)

  4. Hi Anita, I have responded to your tag :

    By the way, so many entries for the contest :0 Unbelievable !!!

    1. Thanks a lot Jyotsna! I loved your sweet & creative Story-Poem :)
      Hope you registered it in the Contest Page too. i have shared the link on your Blog! :)

      I know! I didn't originally intend to write so many...
      But, the nice person that I am I had to honor all the Tags I received...! :)

  5. hahaha, a blockbuster post :)! thank you so much for the tag and i am sure, i have missed the deadline. will take a mini-break from blogging but my next post will be a bollywood post whenever i publish that :)

    1. Thanks a lot Debajyoti :) Knew you'd like this blockbuster post :)
      Yes, the contest is over. Looking fwd to your Bollywood Post! :)

  6. Good one Anita... You seem to be quite a warrior against the stubble!!

    All the best for the contest.

    1. Thanks Preethi! Attended to most of the stubble tags diligently :)
      Thanks a lot for the wishes! Much needed :)

  7. haha this is hilarious! :D And how very interesting too :P


    1. Thanks a lot, Richa :) Great that you found it interesting :)

  8. you have been the champion of PAUS. congrats on those prizes.
    interesting write up

    1. Thanks a lot, Amar :) Happy that you liked my PAUS entries.
      I won the weekly 2nd prizes :) But, I'll be a champion of PAUS if I win the grand prize :)


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