Wednesday 18 December 2013

PASS The Proposal!

Tara and Sooraj were doing their Post-Graduate-Course. 

Tara was a nice & simple girl. All the guys wished to date Tara! 
She had not accepted even a coffee-date, leave alone Party/Disco! 

Sooraj was the intellectual guy of the class, who had all the answers. 
But, no girl was willing to even talk to Sooraj, leave alone ask him out for a date...

Sooraj had a stubble...

Tara’s friends often discussed about the guys of their Class. “I hate that unclean stubble”. “Sooraj looks as if he hasn’t taken a bath*!” was the common consensus.

On the last day, Sooraj approached Tara, “Hey, Tara! Please watch the latest Hindi-movie- Ishaqzaade with me today evening! I have won couple tickets. Don't say NO!"

Tara agreed! 
“I actually said ‘Yes’ for my first date that too with Sooraj whom my friends love to hate!”
Sooraj knew that Tara was a Bollywood fan like him! He also knew Tara ‘liked’ him!

After the movie, they went for coffee. 

That’s when Sooraj proposed to her.

Tara sang the lines from the ‘Pareshaan*’ song from the movie- 

Main Pareshaan… (I’m worried)
Zara Zara Kaanton se Ladne Laga Dil Mera (My Heart is fighting against the thorns)...”

Tara reminded Sooraj of the same song from Ishaqzaade where the heroine is worried and ‘fights against thorns’- referring to the stubble of the hero!

Watch the Video!

Then, Tara said on a serious note- “Sooraj, I’ll marry the person whom my Parents decide. If you really want my hand, you need to ask their permission. Note- unclean stubble is a big no for my family.

They parted. 

Some months later, Tara’s Parents said that they had fixed her match. 

The groom was coming to ‘see’ her.

It was Sooraj!

His clean shaven look bowled everyone over!

*83% Women think men with stubble haven’t taken bath.
*Pareshaan- Worried, in Hindi

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  1. Brilliant analogy with the thorns! Tag accepted, thank you so much and I will get back to you with my post in a while :)

    1. Palak, Delighted that you liked it! :)
      Thanks a lot for accepting my Tag! Lovely! looking forward to read your Post already! :)

  2. i' just read d story.. simply super... :) atp for nxt :)

  3. i' just read d story.. simply super... :) atb for nxt :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by & for the encouragement :)

  4. Good one! For marriage a look is very important and you have highlighted it well in this post Ani :)

    1. Thanks Uma! Delighted that you liked it!
      Yes indeed. A Well-groomed Look is important for important occasions like- Marriage & Job-Interview :)

  5. Done and about with your post, Dear...
    Read how a stubble foe turned a shaven lover near!

    This time, there is a canine touch to the post...
    I'm sure you'd love it, love it the most!

    Here's the link Anita!

    Just One Request I'd Make To You...
    I Cannot Accept Tags Any More!

    Have A Hectic, Travelling Week To Pass Through...
    And Thus Have Exhausted Ideas' Store & My Writing Capacity, For Sure!

    1. Poonam, Even Canine Friends love d Clean-Shaven!
      Thanks a lot for responding to my tag again!

      Yet another great post from you is my gain! :)
      Don't worry, won't give you any further pain! :)
      Best wishes :)

  6. Good one Anita. :)
    I just read you were the winner, Congrats!

    1. Thanks Indrani :)
      Happy that I was the 2nd highest scorer for the past week :)
      The main winners will be declared at the end of the contest :)

  7. I know I got quite delayed but still here is my post

    1. Thanks a lot, Palak for responding to my Tag:) Lovely Fairy-tale with the Stubble-climax you have posted.
      I love Disney Princesses :)
      You are not at all delayed. Enough time there!
      Do register your entry on the BlogAdda site too. Best wishes :)

  8. Whatte brilliant post.
    Here i have tagged you in this post. Please take out some time to acknowledge it. I would really like and appreciate if you would accept my tag and tag me back :)

    1. Ruchita, Delighted you liked my story. I love 'brilliant' :)
      Your story is great too :) Best wishes to you :)
      Thanks a lot for stopping by & tagging me :)
      I have quite a number of tags to clear, dear! Don't know whether I'll be able to honor all of them...Trying:)

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks Soham for stopping by & for your amazing comment :)

  10. You are surely going to win this thing. I'm certain about it :D
    Another great post! Best wishes :)

    1. Thank you so much, Bhavya :) That's a great wish :) Hope you are proved right! :)

  11. I might agree that a clean look would look more agreeable, but deeming this to be a necessity for a social life seems highly materialistic and bordering on objectification. I be damned if I be judged more on my stubble than my character.I would rather be not associated with them at all for once what they agree to be beautiful is gone I may no longer be agreeable to them.

    BTW nice story, Its still very beautifully written whether I agree with the idea behind it or not.

    I think I will pass the PASS. :D

    1. Thank you so much! But, the contest is over :)
      Passing the PASS is the only option now :)


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