Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Clean-Shaven Heroes PASS!

Most Heroes are Clean-Shaven. 

A quick list of the Superstar Heroes of the Hindi Film Industry shows us mostly those with no Stubble in most movies- Raj Kapoor, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan…

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In 9 of the Top-10 Highest-Grossing Bollywood movies, the Heroes sport ZERO STUBBLE!

Moral: Being Clean-Shaven sets Cash-registers ringing! 

In the Hindi Movie, ‘Rajnigandha’, Clean-Shaven Amol Palekar (and not the bearded man) wins over the Heroine, Vidya Sinha!

In the climax of ‘Dostana’ movie, 'Desi Girl' Priyanka Chopra chooses Bobby Deol, who is Clean-Shaven, over her stubble-sporting two friends- John Abraham & Abhishek Bachchan!
See the Video!

His Clean-Shaven look bowled her over.

Moral: Being Clean-Shaven counts & helps the Hero win over the Heroine!

Then, of course there are all the SUPER-HEROES- 

Indian- Krrish & Shaktimaan 


World- Superman, Spiderman, Batman…


Their Clean-Shaven Look bowled, bowls & will continue to bowl everyone (especially Heroines & Female Fans) over!

It’s another story that even some Villains like Mogambo, Shakaal, Kaal etc. sport Clean-Shaven look.

But, mostly the stubble is associated with the baddie! When film-makers want to portray the Hero as anti-social or 'Angry Young Man', then they resort to the stubble for the ‘rough and tough’ look.

But, the Good boys on screen are shown as Clean-Shaven!

The Choice is your’s!

In the Hindi-movie Sholay, whom do you prefer?

Veeru & Jai?


Gabbar Singh & Stubble-Sporting Gang?

There is no doubt that a "Stubble is Smelly & Unhygienic" whether on a Hero or a Villain! 
I hate that unclean stubble, don't you?

Please share your views!

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  1. Wow! What a great observation :D particularly, the sholay and the superheroes one, and YES THE MOVIES :D
    Best wishes for the contest ma'am and thanks for the tag :)

    1. Thanks Bhavya for accepting my tag :)
      And of course for the cool comment & wish! :) Looking forward to your entry :)

    2. Here is my reply for your tag ma'am

    3. Thank you for responding with such a nice story, Bhavya. :)
      There's Platinum ring-acceptance due to beard-riddance. :)
      Best wishes for the contest! :)

  2. Wow! Another cool one. My knowledge of these stars is increasing here.
    All the best Anita!

    1. Thank you for your Wow comment & wish, Indrani!
      *Smile Of Satisfaction* That's credit for a HUGE Bollywood Fan like me! Delighted :)

  3. Those are interesting stats, Anita! I truly love your presentation, you make every piece of yours sound very refreshing! All the best! :)

    1. Thanks Arti! Delighted with your refreshing comment & wish. :) Glad you liked it!

  4. Brilliant post Anita :)
    Thank you for tagging me. I will surely tag you back in my post :)

    1. Thanks a lot Anmol for your great comment and also for accepting my tag!
      Delighted you liked it :)


    here I have tagged you too in my first post for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Anmol for responding to my tag & acknowledging with your cool PASS story :)
      Glad that you now have your first Post for the Contest. Best wishes :)

  6. Replies
    1. Sir, Like I have discussed in my Posts, the Hero's look is dependent on the script :) Plus, it's an individual choice in our personal life :) No offence meant to anyone...

  7. Hey.. This is a really cool observation and I would compliment the way you think the base for your posts. Thanks for tagging me. Here is my post for your tag :

    1. Thanks a lot Aura for accepting & responding!
      I am delighted that you liked my Post. I loved your's too :)

  8. hahaha.. had fun reading Anita! :D
    nice way to tempt men to get that clean shaven look :P

    1. Thank you for stopping by, reading & sharing your views, Aayesha :)
      Delighted that you enjoyed reading this :)
      Let's see if Men agree! Maintaining a clean-shaven look is tougher than stubble/bearded one :)
      Human-beings tend to take the easy way out! But, there are exceptions too!


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