Thursday 31 October 2013 Prize- A Sweet Treat Tweet Story!

I love Twitter & Twitter Contests! But, though I take part in many contests like crazy, my wins are few and far between...

Last month, had a Twitter contest.

The CONTEST JUNKIE in me couldn't miss it!

I went to the Airport on a HOT day and spotted the COOL sign-board there and hopefully uploaded the pics for the 'Spot At The Airport' Contest!

The prize was an IPAD Mini!

And guess what? I won it thanks to !

When the announcement was made on Twitter, I was travelling in a Bus, taking my Kid to a Video-Conference, scheduled to be held at the other end of the city. As she had qualified for a Literary Scholarship, my kid was to be interviewed by an esteemed panel that included Ruskin Bond and the Brand-Ambassador of - Chetan Bhagat! I couldn't help but notice this!

When I was declared a winner of this contest, I got many congratulatory messages through tweets!
A BIG Thanks to all you lovely folks!

I was smiling a lot and wanted to jump in joy, but didn't as I was travelling in the bus!

You can read how I won my first IPAD and what happened after I was declared a winner of the contest in my Post- SHAADI TO THE RESCUE

My kid started constantly asking me, "Mamma, When will you get the IPAD?"
She's the happiest and most eager as she loves gadgets!
My kid wanted to play games! :)

All the people who knew of my win, also enquired, "When will you get?"

There are many people who never believe that such contests are for real!
They ask me, with surprise written all over their face, "You mean Brands actually send the prizes?"

Along with me, Aniruddha Pathak (@DanceEatRepeat), who needs no introduction to the Twitter Contest-World, was a winner of the same contest too!

Team Shaadi.Com was constantly in touch with us giving updates about the prize! As I was in my home-town in Odisha for Durga Puja celebration, I had shared my Odisha address for prize-dispatch.

We were happy and waiting eagerly hoping to get our IPAD soon! We were to send pics of it when we received!

Team Shaadi.Com heeded to my request and shared the Courier tracking details too!

Unfortunately, Cyclone Phailin struck Odisha and the said flight, that was carrying my precious prize, was cancelled...

But, even Aniruddha had not got his prize though there were no Cyclones in Mumbai!

Dear God, Please save all our cities from cyclones...

Eventually he received it a couple of days before I received mine!

When I received my IPAD, I acknowledged it to Team Shaadi.Com!

Team Shaadi.Com wants me to send the pics!

Am sharing them right here, right now!

Here are the pics!

Thanks a lot,

A great Diwali gift indeed! :)

1. I am sharing this to honour request for pics.

2. I added extra info to preserve this great experience in my Blog as I do not want these tweets to get lost in my Twitter TL!

3. This is not an advertisement or bragging about my win!

4. My IPAD is special as it's my first Apple product win, that too after YEARS of trying sincerely to win in contests, putting in loads of hard-work and spending time and resources, and yet not giving up hope!

5. All you non-believers, do note that some trusted Brands actually send the prizes!!!

6. All you believers, keep the hope and faith and keep trying sincerely!

Best wishes to you and may we all WIN BIG prizes like IPAD! Cheers! ]


  1. Congratulations, Anita ...for this and two awesome wins at Indiblogger! Goodluck to you :)

    1. Thanks a lot Nisha! Best wishes to you too!
      Finally won after so much trying!
      Guess it's true- "Ooparwala jab bhi deta, deta chappar phaad ke!"
      Work hard with interest and get the results with 'interest'! :)

  2. Congratssssssssssss !!!!!!!! Let me add to your celebration . Here is Liebster Award for you. Happy Diwali :)

    1. Thanks Garima! :)
      That's simply great! Am honored to add your Liebster Award to my kitty!
      I feel rich!
      Please give me some time to respond! :)
      Happy Diwali to you and your family! :)

  3. many many congratulation to u... cheers*

    1. Thanks a lot, Sashi!
      Best wishes to U too! Cheers! :)

  4. superb anita loved the post :D you can check my post on arrow win :D not as good as your's but still

    1. Thanks for visiting & for reading, Aniruddha!
      Flattered with the compliment! :)
      Come on, we all have our individual styles & I believe, we all rock! :)
      Will check out your post!

  5. Actually for I was looking for such type of topic on google and finally got it. Thanks a lot!


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