Friday 25 October 2013


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Cuttack was the erstwhile capital of Odisha while Bhubaneswar is the present capital. Both are separated by just half-an-hour of drive! Both are a Foodie’s delight! The amazing lip-smacking variety of foods available there, make the twin-cities a ‘Foodie Magnet’ for sure! 

I shared some pictures of my favourite food- Dahibara-Aludum for the contest. The dish has a great importance in my life as it has nostalgic memories associated with it! So much so that even now when I see Curd, I think of the mouth-watering Dahibara that my maternal grandfather brought and Papa still brings! And once I think of Dahibara, can Aludum be far behind?!

You can read about my memories in A SMELLIONAIRE’S TREASURE TROVE.

My maternal grandfather’s favorite was the Dahibara-Aludum from Raghu, a skilled vendor, who is still very famous. My Papa often visits Cuttack and Raghu’s place is a must! Papa must have treated us to hundreds of plates by now! But, still the craze continues! 
Oh the lure of those soft Baras (made of Urad Dal) soaked in curd, a heavenly treat along with the spicy-hot Aludum! What a combination!

When we were kids, we demanded sweets after eating that! Luckily, there are ‘Pedas’ available...even now! Take a bite of this sweet to experience bliss!

When I accompanied Papa to Cuttack a few months ago, I found Raghu seated & watching his grandsons who now manage the business.
There’s a huge demand for Raghu's dish, with people queuing up from far and wide! Some eat in the eco-friendly bowls/plates made of sal leaves there and then on the road. While others get their own Tiffin-carriers to ‘takeaway’ & relish the treasure at home/office! Raghu’s products are lapped up within no time!

Cuttack and Bhubaneswar also boast of mouth-watering Chaat & Gupchup (Odia term for Paanipuri/Golgappa)

All Cricket-fans must be aware of the famous Barabati Stadium in Cuttack. Raghu used to sell his treasure in front of it earlier. But, now though Raghu has moved to another location- Bidanasi in Cuttack, there are many vendors selling there. But, in both Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, you can easily spot the vendors at all places- in front of offices/colleges/markets, under the trees, on the roadsides… Some sell on their cycles! You can't miss the vendors!

If you happen to visit the twin-cities, my Foodie Magnet!, do have platefuls of Dahibara-Aludum, Chaat & Gupchup!

Cox & Kings had a Twitter Contest in which we had to share which place we consider as #FoodieMagnet. A Foodie like me had to take part!
I sent tweets about the twin-cities- Cuttack & Bhubaneswar. Delighted to receive my #FoodieMagnet PRIZE- an awesome DVD Collection today! It means a lot for a HUGE Hindi-Movie-Fan like me! Will watch the cool collection of classic and modern movies! Thanks Cox & Kings!


  1. A mouth-watering post it is! Yumm!

  2. I'm so jealous. I love yummy street food :)

    1. Tes, I consider us so lucky that we are born & live in Incredible India- the treasure trove of yummy street food! Every city has its specialties!
      Drop in anytime! Visit Bhubaneswar & Cuttack soon! :)

  3. Congrats on your win.
    I hope i will get a chance to try out these dishes some day.

    1. Thanks Indrani! Winning is always fun! :)
      Do visit Odisha soon & try out the dishes!

  4. Congratulations,
    I missed this experience when I was in this city.

    1. Thanks Rajesh!
      Never mind! You can try them out in your next visit! :)

  5. nice post!!!!! frankly speaking, the food from berhampur, 3 hrs from bbsr is very much tasty. Ofcourse aloo dum dahi vada is famous but people who travel to berhampur like the food very much, may be you should try once..

    1. Yes, of course! I am very much aware of Berhampur & its wonderful foods!
      It happens to be my Paternal Grandparents' place! :)
      I must dedicate another Post to Berhampur!
      Unfortunately, the situation after Cyclone Phailin & Floods has made matters worse there...

    2. oh yes, i am a native of berhampur, had experienced philian to the fullest. yes you should dedicate one post for berhampur..

    3. Oh I see! It's my native place too!
      Are you presently there?
      Electricity is yet to be restored. How are you accessing Internet?
      Thanks for your encouragement.
      I have the pics of my Grandfather's place that's ravaged by the Cyclone.
      Thinking of posting soon...

    4. oh nice to see a fellow berhampurian blogger lol, at night the electricity comes, whole morning its gone, i posted few pics, you can check it out here,

    5. Niranjan, the e-world is a small place! :)
      Checked out your pics. Fitting post about the the unfortunate disaster....
      Hope things get back to normal soon...
      Best wishes for your Blog! :)

    6. thank you and wish you the same..


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