Tuesday 22 October 2013


Brrrrr! That's what anyone must feel by seeing the title of this Post! MINUS 6 DEGREES! But, notice the extra 'S' in the title! Not Degrees, but Degreess! Our quest was to locate Skimo Kitchen’! (No, this is not going to be about the real Eskimos or their Kitchen at the North Pole!)

I used my inference skills to deduce that Skimo Kitchen must be the name of the Kitchen of the Restaurant ‘Minus 6 Degreess’. Yes, my deduction was right!   

I found myself there thanks to Sammya Brata, who had invited me by coordinating with the organiser, Vivek. It was fixed that 4 Food-Bloggers of Kolkata-  Sammya Brata, Shankar Bhattacharya, Sam, the Photographer, & I would try food-tasting at Skimo Kitchen

Minus 6 Degreess is a restaurant, located at the ground floor of Inox Swabhumi, Kolkata. Its Kitchen is aptly named 'Skimo Kitchen'! But, Minus 6 Degreess is more than just a ubiquitous restaurant. It’s an Ice-Lounge cum Bar! It was our chance to feel cool! The dim-blue-light-lit-corridors truly gives one an impression that we are indeed inside an Igloo!

We ordered Soup first. We decided that each one of us would try a different Soup listed in the Menu. That way, all the four available Soups would get reviewed.

Fervent Crème Al Fungi (Mushroom Soup)
I ordered- Fervent Crème Al Fungi. This exotic sounding soup was actually – Cream of Mushroom Soup! I liked the rich taste of the pureed Mushrooms blended generously with cream and nutmeg. But, I felt at Rs 200, the price is on the higher side. Sam, a fellow Blogger, was not very happy with the Asparagus soup that he ordered. Felt it tasted like pureed leaf! The Chef came and gave his explanation that it was meant to taste like that.

As accompaniment to the Soup, we also got crispy and very delicious Buttered Cheese Toast… 

…and a neatly decorated Platter

It was time for the Main-Course.
We asked the Waiter for recommendation. We were informed that we must try the Asian & Continental dishes as that are Minus 6 Degreess specialty. We ordered Luscious Lasagne Rolls- Cheesy Veg Lasagne. We got 2 mouth-watering Lasagne Rolls.
Luscious Lasagne Rolls

Roller Rice also figured amongst our selection. We enjoyed the ‘chopped vegetables rolled in crispy rice topped with cheesy herb sauce’.

We also ordered Polar Veg Au Gratin, a baked dish stuffed with vegetables and potatoes,.
Somehow, I felt three of the dishes were pretty similar. Lasagne Rolls & Roller Rice had kind of same taste with the latter having crispy rice-flakes inside. Au Gratin also had the same fillings in addition to chunks of Pineapple. The prices of each of the three were the same- Rs 300! However, the names and presentations of the three dishes were different.

Sesame Flavoured Singapore Noodles, at Rs 350 per plate, offered rice noodles tossed in Chilli, Oil, Lime & Bean Sprouts. I felt it was like the Vermicelli Upma I generally prepare, but this had a Singaporean twist!
Then, of course there were the yummy Desserts!

Chinese Chocolate Moon-Rolls, at Rs 250, offered Chinese-cookie style chocolate-filled rolls along with a scoop of Ice-cream. One bite and the chocolate oozed into the mouth and out of it too! I felt the coating of the rolls could have been a bit crisper and crunchier.
Chinese Chocolate Moon-Rolls

Parky Ice-Cream-Sandwich with Honey-Nuts, as the name suggests, was a treat at Rs 300. One bite is enough to fill anyone with happiness!
Parky Ice-Cream-Sandwich with Honey-Nuts

The Dessert that took us by surprise was- Nipping Fried Ice-cream with Nuts! Yes, you read that right! None of us had ever heard about ‘Fried Ice-cream’. We were glad to have taken the Waiter’s recommendation and ordered it. We were asked to have it first to experience the hot exterior but cool interior! We couldn’t extract the Chef’s preparation-trick though! At Rs 200, it is a must-have!
Nipping Fried Ice-cream with Nuts

We loved all the Desserts that we tried. Wish we had sampled all those available in the Menu! Everything looked so delectable!

After the awesome meal, we were interested for a visit to the Ice-Lounge! The Manager explained that before entering the Ice-Lounge, guests have to wear special coats that Minus 6 Degreess provides as the temperature is maintained at low levels! It's chilling there!


Also, hot dishes are not served inside- only cool desserts! I thought- All the desserts are just right to give company inside the Igloo! Sorry, the Ice-Lounge! A maximum 20 people are allowed to be inside the Ice-Lounge at a time.

I loved all the ice-sculptures and the Kolkata theme inside.

There was an Ice-Taxi waiting to take us for a ride!!! But, it was freezing and we could hardly stay for 5 minutes!

I loved the place a lot. But, felt guilty that my family was missing out on the fun! I terribly missed my kid and hubby. Plan to visit Minus 6 Degreess soon with them!

Skimo Kitchen scores high on Standard, Quality & Hygiene. I liked the Service too.

My Recommendation- It needs to advertise as many people are not aware that such a fun place exists. The food is a great-treat for Vegetarians as it is a purely Veg-Restaurant, something that's rare here! And, yes, all the guests must try out the Desserts, especially the Nipping Fried Ice-cream with Fruits!

I LOVED the overall experience at Minus 6 Degreess!

If you wanna visit Skimo Kitchen, Minus 6 Degreess Ice-Lounge Cum Bar, here's the address where you need to head to:

89CMaulana Abdul Kalam Azad Sarani, Ground Floor, Inox SwabhumiNear SwabhumiEM Bypass, Kolkata.

Note- This is my first review of a Restaurant! 
Thank you, Sammya Brata. Love the Badge! 



  1. Hey Di.! First post as a food blogger is great. All the very Best :)

    1. Thanks for visiting & reading! Appreciate your wishes & encouragement! Lovely! :)

  2. Anita, the place looks awesome :D
    But, you shouldn't have added the "Lasagne Rolls"..they look delicious O_o.
    A quite different post this time. Loved every bit of it leaving aside the rolls :p

    1. Right Nikhil!
      Minus Six Degreess rocks! :) The Lasagne Rolls were good, but I loved the Desserts, especially the Fried Ice-cream the most!

  3. My mouth is now watering which reminds my stomach and my head that I need to go to the store and pick up a few things for dinner and I could stand to eat! Thank you for the reminder. Sounds like a great place to eat. ♥

    1. Kathy, This is a great place to visit!
      We feel like digging into yummy food! Hunger-pangs when we see food! :)
      Thanks for visiting my Blog! :)

  4. Wow..Looks like you had a great time..And going through the Photographs I feel the Ambiance it creates perfectly matches with its name.. :)

    1. Harsha, Full marks to you! :) A foodie's delight! :)


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