Sunday 27 October 2013


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Li’l Girl: Dear God, PLEEEEASSSSEEEE make Mumbai the Capital of India!
Mom: *Puzzled* But, why so, dear?
Li’l Girl: Coz that’s what I have written in my Exam!

Needless to say, the above prayer of the little prayer is unlikely to be answered! 
How often we all have frantically prayed to God, for all our ‘important’ reasons in all times of the day in all the seasons!

The following image should strike a chord!

I went down my memory-lane and remembered the earliest instance of the time I really prayed very hard…

My Papa had bought this BIG Box of Crayons for me. (I have always been very creative!) I was overjoyed and safely kept it! But, later, I just could not locate it anywhere in our home. I was disappointed that it was ‘lost’. But, how can it get lost? (I still didn’t know the meaning of ‘theft’!) I had looked for it in every nook and corner of our 2BHK flat. No luck! 

That’s when I turned to Divine Help and prayed:
“Dear God, PLEEEEASSSSEEEE help me find my Crayon-Box!”

You won’t believe me if I told you that I found it when I searched for it again. It had mysteriously appeared in the same spot that I had checked at least 3 times before. How come? I am still puzzled…

I became a believer for life…

This incident convinced me that God plays games like hide-and-seek sometimes with us! Just to test us and to watch the fun! He must be having a great time! He gives in when we give up or request help! 

I was scared of the MONSTERS under my bed! When I got my first electric shock, I thought one of them had got me! I prayed to God to save me from the monsters!

When I saw the first movies of my life- ‘Superman’ and ‘Sholay’, I prayed to God:
“Dear God, PLEEEEASSSSEEEE save Superman and Jai & Veeru from the villains!”

When Jai died (Role played by Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Sholay’), I prayed to God:
“Dear God, PLEEEEASSSSEEEE bring Jai to life!” 

I was happy when my wish was fulfilled as many Amitabh Bachchan movies released after Sholay! (As Papa is a HUGE movies and Amitabh Bachchan fan, I had the luxury to watch them all in the Movie-Hall!) I really thought God has listened to my prayers! (But, I wondered why God had changed his name! It took me years to figure out why Jai’s name was different in the later movies!)

Even now I pray for Happy Endings!

I prayed for Amitabh Bachchan’s recovery after the ‘Coolie’ incident. I prayed for Indira Gandhi to come to life after her assassination.

As the years passed, my prayers changed. I prayed to God:
“Dear God, PLEEEEASSSSEEEE let my story be published in Tinkle magazine!” 

Uncle Pai soon published scores of my stories in Tinkle! Later, I got my writings and reviews published in the leading newspapers and magazines including Filmfare too!

When I pray, I feel worry-free, enthused, richer & calmer,
I feel like HE-MAN & I say ‘I HAVE THE POWER!’

Sometimes, I am selfish & pray about what I want & my greed!
How opportunistic remembering Him only during my need!

Hear my shouting, God. Listen to my prayer.
I call to you in my despair.
-Bible: Psalm 61:2

I pray when I want God to pay attention & respond to me!
I wanna get His answers that touch me & make me happy!

*KNOCK! KNOCK!* I am at God’s Door! *Ring Temple-Bells*

God never disappoints me! I find him giving me three answers- 
Ans 1. “Oh YES Abhi! Right NOW, Baby!” (‘Abhi’ means NOW in Hindi)
Ans 2. “Not Yet, Keep Trying & Wait Patiently, my Dear!”
Ans 3. “I have a better plan for you in store, Sweetheart!”

When we pray God hears more than we say, answers more than we ask, and gives more than we can imagine in his own time and own way.
- @MotivatedLiving in Twitter

I pray often. Some of my prayers when I experience-

Sad News Headlines like Rape-Cases- May Society evolve

Problems plaguing India like Corruption & Inflation- May Incredible India shine!

Aeroplanes in the sky– May there be safe-flight-journeys!

New cars with ribbons- May the cars and their owners be blessed with an accident-free life!

Family on a Two-Wheeler- May the happy family be safe!

Whenever I or my loved ones start for a trip- May we/they have a safe-trip, Oh Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha & Garuda!

I pray when there’s air-turbulence in the flight & I get a fright!
Or when the train is simply delayed/halted in the day/night!

I PRAY for-
Electricity when there’s a power-cut,
The door to open when it’s shut…
Sun/Rainbows/Umbrella on a day rainy,
Cloud-cover when it’s too hot & sunny!
Rain to water farmers’ crops & fill wells, ponds & lakes
No natural calamities like cyclones/floods/earthquakes

I PRAY for-
All getting saved from lightning during rains,
Speedy recovery for patients & relief from pains.
Faster & effective cure for Cancer & deadly-diseases,
Access for all to great quality products & services.
The zeal to dance to the tunes of Life on all days,
Smiles despite the Music Life chooses & plays…

I PRAY for-
Doing justice to my duty & for my peace of mind
Coolness, courage & strength to go through life’s grind!
A second & sometimes umpteenth chance
A promising secure future, loved ones hugs/glance
A kind helping hand, a shoulder to cry & things to share,
Loved ones long healthy life, sweet words, loving touch & care.

I PRAY for-
Truth, Understanding, Trust, Equality, Education, Fun, Compassion,
Comfort, Joy, Mercy, Wisdom, Guidance, Faith, Imagination, Passion,
Communication, Common-Sense, Kindness, Hope, Success, Wealth.
Planet Earth’s Greenery, Prosperity, Good Report-Card & Health
As I am a World-Citizen and believe in ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ (The World is a Family), I pray for World Peace and Bliss.
The Rig Veda’s ‘Let Noble thoughts come to us from all sides’ to come true so that everyone in the World always thinks good things- the World’s highest Goodness & Happiness Quotient is my wish.

“Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha, (May all be Happy)
Sarve Santu Niramaya, (May all be Free from Disease)
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, (May all have Well-Being)
Ma Kaschit Dukkha Bhaga Bhavet” (May there never be Sadness)

I believe- Trust God and pray & HE will light the way!
Prayer is like the candle/lamp that dispels darkness away!

Praying is a WIN-WIN situation for me!

This Diwali I will to pray to Maa Lakshmi. My Mom said Maa Lakshmi likes clean and fragrant homes and is automatically attracted to the same!

Prayer clears the mist and brings peace back to the soul.” - Rumi

Come on! Join in with me & let’s pray!

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  1. Wonderful write up! Indeed it's a variety entry for the competition :)

    1. Thanks Anil for your kind words! So glad you liked it!
      Do hope the organizers share your views! :)

  2. Wow Anita..This is such an awesome writing... :)
    God really works in Mysterious way but we human never give up bugging him for different thing.. :D
    And One more thing with this post I assure you surely will win..Good Luck for the contest.. :D

    1. Thanks Harsha! Appreciate your warm Wow candid wish! :)
      Have poured my heart into this Post and shared my true incidents and feelings. Now I pray that may your words come true!!! :)

  3. lovely write up Anita.. your childhood prayers are so fun and brings me back some fun memories... God likes to play hide n seek, yeah so true.. and i agree with those 3 points.. all the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Meera! Lovely to get your lovely comment! :)
      Yes, the 3 points are so true! Relevant! Can relate them to any and every case with our life!
      Thanks for your wishes! Wish you the same! :)


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