Monday 28 October 2013

My Wishlist At CashKaro!

If I have Rs 10,000 that I get to spend using, I’ll happily shop & save & celebrate!

More so now as I’ll get to save money too & win prizes this Diwali!


 Very easy to begin shopping & saving!

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1.   Car-Stereo for my Papa- My Papa’s present Car-Stereo’s CD system is not-functioning. He can no longer play all his nice song CDs collection. Long drives are no longer happy without music for company. Toshiba brand m-600 Car-Stereo will be a great gift for my Papa this Diwali! 

a.     Merchant: Tradus
b.     Original Price: Rs 4345
c.     Offer Price: Rs 1735
d.     Cashback: 9% = Rs 156.15

2.  Marvel in Marble-22K-Gold Embossed Aarti Thali jewelled with Meenakari and Kundan work- This masterpiece will be a great gift for my Mom-In-Law who loves to pray for all of us…She will be happy to use it for the Diwali Lakshmi Pooja.

a.     Merchant: Homeshop18
b.     Original Price: Rs 2420
c.     Offer Price: Rs 1865
d.     Cashback: 6% = Rs 111.9

    3. Movie-Subscription for my Family! We all love movies and this is a great Offer: Rs 50 FREE Cashback when I take Re 1 trial!

a.     Merchant: BigFlix
b.     Original Price: Rs 50
c.     Offer Price: Rs 1
d.     Cashback: Rs 50

4.  Vintage Plaid Shirt- a Casual Shirt for my Husband! He has many formal shirts, but comparatively lesser number of casual ones! This Long Sleeve - Soft Combed 100% Cotton should add to his collection! It will suit his personality and complexion!

a.     Merchant: Freecultr
b.     Original Price: Rs 1,499
c.     Offer Price: Rs 750
d.     Additional Cashback from CashKaro: Rs 260
e.     Cashback on Shopping Online: 5 % = Rs 75
f.     Total Cashback: Rs 260 + Rs 75 = Rs 335

5.  A Bicycle for my Kid- Avon Gypsy Bicycle – A Bicycle will make my kid get some much-needed-exercise and should be great for the evening-rides. It will make her physically fit as she will spend less time as a couch-potato watching cartoons on Television! Bicycle will be excellent for her health!
a.     Merchant: Snapdeal
b.     Original Price: Rs 4700
c.     Offer Price: Rs 4420
d.     Cashback: 9% = Rs 397.8

6. Dominos Pizza Party for my Friends and Neighbours – Lots of Pizza, Garlic Bread, Choco Lava Cake and more! Everyone loves parties and we all will have a great time for sure! This is 'Rishton Ka Time'- Time for Relationships! Dominos is expert for that!

a.     Merchant: Dominos
b.     Original Price: Rs 1200
c.     Cashback: Rs 45

7.  With all the Cashback Savings thanks to, Total Amount= Rs 1095.85, I’ll buy Rail-Tickets to travel home for Diwali! Celebrations are best enjoyed with loved ones! 

a.   Merchant: Yatra

Some lose change that will be saved at the end will be invested in chocolates & confectionery that I’ll buy from the neigbourhood shop and distribute amongst my neighbours and known people like watchman, maid, newspaper-boy etc! I’ll spread the sweetness in this celebration time thanks to !!!

Spending Rs 10,000 at is a smart idea! Apart from a wide range of products available at competitive costs, along with the comfort and convenience to shop from home, the additional incentive is that I get a chance to Win prizes worth 1 Lakh when I shop via Cashkaro now! With the amazing Diwali offer, the more I shop via Cashkaro within the Promotion Dates, the more I can win! Also, each time I shop with their sponsors, I get a chance to win Gift Vouchers! 

If you were given Rs.10,000 how would you spend it? How much would you save via and what will you do with that money saved?

This is a Post for The Blog Karo & Win Karo Contest of


  1. Indeed a Great List you got there and This Site is really doing amazing work.. :D

    1. Thanks a lot Harsha! You are right!
      10K is actually a less amount to spend on the great site with so many nice offers! Had to pick and choose within budget and wished I had more cash to spend! :)

  2. Well written! All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading, Khushboo!
      Glad you liked it! Thank you so much for your wishes! :)

  3. Wow! You are good at this. :)
    All the best!

    1. Thanks Indrani!
      I like to keep an account of my spending & I believe I am a smart-shopper! :)
      Thanks for the appreciation & wishes! :)


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