Sunday 27 October 2013

My Delhi Manifesto

“Only when people are informed, they will become aware;
Only when they become aware, they will take action”
-Ndyakina Amooti

Wonderful words as only when people are informed, are aware and take action, can we expect CHANGE. Change has to begin and come from us – you and WE, the people, are responsible. Every day WE see many types of problems in India. WE have got to discuss and find the solutions too. After all, India is OUR country...

I am grateful for this opportunity provided by BlogAdda to voice my concerns. Thanks for encouraging me to draft my own Delhi Manifesto.

When I was small, I fell in love with the Hindi film-song- ‘Jahan daal daal par sone ki chidiya karte hain basera, woh Bharat desh hai mera’ (Where golden birds reside in all branches, that is my country, Bharat) When I started learning ‘History’ and started ‘thinking’, I realized that our country is our responsibility and we have to work very hard to make India a truly golden land. 

Another Hindi-film song was my favorite- ‘Nanha munna rahi hoon, desh ka sipahi hoon, bolo mere sang JAI HIND…Aagey hi aagey badhaoonga kadam…’ (I’m a small traveler, I am my country’s soldier, say JAI HIND with me…I’ll keep on moving forward…). This song still inspires me to take on challenges, move forward, ensure progress and make my country proud. 

Here’s my list of the issues and general problems that I think WE are facing that needs to be addressed for our nation’s betterment and progress:

Infrastructure Bottlenecks- Why don’t we have better quality and more quantity of Roads, Flyovers, Bridges, Housing, Public-transportation etc. ? Why do newly constructed roads get washed away after rains?

Education Problems- Why does the erstwhile land of the Nalanda, where students came from all over the world, now have ‘Brain Drain’?  Why doesn’t India have better quality and more quantity schools, colleges, vocational training and educational institutes?

Poor Health Facilities and Disease-Management- Why is India is fast becoming the Diabetes and Cancer-capital of the world? Why are Malaria, Dengue and other diseases rampant? Why do diseases like Swine Flu, Bird Flu, HIV, Hepatitis etc shock the administration from time to time? 

Poor Emotional Health- Why do we have so many patients of depression and increasing suicide-statistics?

Environment-Unfriendly Acts- Why is Deforestation allowed without any afforestation? Why is Pollution increasing at all levels- Air, Water, Ground, Noise…? What about Garbage Dumping? Why the Flora and Fauna Habitat destruction?

Extreme Hunger & Poverty- Why does India still have BPL (Below Poverty Line) families?
Food Wastage- When so many go hungry, we do we allow tonnes of food to ROT & go waste in godowns & granaries?

Attacks on our Cultural Treasures- Why is there neglect/mistreatment to Art, Heritage, Architectural wonders like monuments?

Negligence to Tourism- Why can’t we attract Tourists and earn foreign-exchange?

Gender Inequality & Women’s Safety Issues- Why are women treated as second-class citizens? why are women so unsafe?

Communal Tension & Violence/Peace-Disruption- Why can’t we live peacefully?

Unemployment – If ‘an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’, why do we still have unemployed people?

Power Problems- Why are many villages yet to be electrified? When Power Generation is expensive, why cannot we maximize its benefits? Why are there are massive Power-Transmission & Distribution (T&D) losses? Why are some streetlights on even in the day?…

Poor Sanitation – Despite Sulabh Souchalayas, why is there open defecation? Like the character ‘Chatur’ says in the Hindi film- ‘3 Idiots’ – “There is no place for Mutra-Visarjan in this country” (Mutra-Visarjan means Urination) 

Poor Values, Morality, Ethics, Transparency, Accountability… leading to Corruption, Nepotism, Black Money, Dishonesty…- Why do we have Corruption and all these ills in the system? Why can’t we uphold ‘Satyameva Jayate’? Why is there misuse of power?

Criminal-Politician-Bureaucrat Nexus- Why are criminals given a chance to even contest in Elections? 
Why is Politics such a dirty game? Why do political parties unite together for the wrong reasons viz. keeping parties out of RTI, allowing convicted people to contest, their own salary & pension-increase every year etc?
Why are honest civil-servants hounded? Why Courts have to step in to solve all the problems of our country? Why our Executive has no will to work?

Justice-Delivery System- 'Justice delayed is Justice denied'- Why so many cases are still pending? why judges are not being appointed to fill about 4000 vacant seats?

Violation of Child Rights & Human Rights- Why are some people treated more equal than others? Why is there Child Labour? Why is there human-trafficking? Why still manual-scavenging is there even after a law has been passed?

After setting our own house in order as ‘charity begins at home’, India can then look outside-

Soft Foreign-Policy- What makes India meek and weak in the global platform?

According to me, the above are some pressing issues…

The Questions make me squirm. Seeking answers to them…

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with


Please do share your views.

This Post won a Consolation prize in the Contest HERE.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading and supporting, Rajesh.
      Citizen Support is a must for India's Progress...

  2. Lovely pointers Anita. ATB for the contest :)

    1. Thanks for your wishes, Bushra! :)
      Glad you liked my Post!

  3. Great Points you have mentioned there Anita...But you know the GOI..Until and Unless the Citizen doesn't become aware and do their bit ,These Govt. is of no use...

    1. Thanks Harsha! These Qns have been bothering me for long.
      Sometimes, I feel pretty helpless. It was nice listing them out thanks to this BlogAdda contest.
      You are right. Citizens have to take the initiative and demand better governance.
      After all, a nation gets a government that it deserves...

  4. Very relevant and applicable! One needs to awaken the sleeping giant for this.

    1. Yes Indrani. we have the best brains in our country and once 'awakened', India can be a Superpower...

  5. All points are valid and is indeed need of the hour to be addressed to!

    1. Yes, indeed. The clock is ticking and the hour is late...
      Enough of Planning & 5-Year Plans!
      Action-time NOW! :)

  6. You are so true. Yes we are facing these problems for sure and thanks for raising the voice of India.
    I feel India is the magnificent country where we can have everything if these ineffective and inefficient people would not remote control the system on their whim. I wonder about MMS, he is so educated but that doesn't reflect in as aspect of his responsibility. He is so mute every time. What can we expect when such mutes are on the throne.
    Wonderful job :-)

    1. Mousumi, Thanks for visiting my Blog and for sharing your valuable views.
      Glad you liked my Post!
      The current state of affairs is indeed depressing. You are right that ineffective & inefficient people are remote-controlling... MMS has his own reasons as do the general public of India, who do not raise their voice or voice their concerns.
      Why don't many people VOTE?
      Bad governments are elected by good citizens who DO NOT VOTE...

      High time we all exercised our franchise and also demanded all that's our rightful due...

  7. I hope the powers that be in Delhi listen to you.

    1. Aye Aye Sir! Even I hope the same! :)
      I also hope may those in power have India's interests in mind & heart first, rather than feathering their own nests! :)

  8. You are right,these ar ethe real problems which needs to be tackled
    following ur blog
    hope u follow back

    1. Thanks Vandana. Yes indeed, these are the problems; solutions need to be implemented...

  9. Agree to all your points. But hope the people in the corridors in the powers take notice.

    1. Thanks Kalpana! Yes, hopefully those in power will notice!

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks! But congrats for what? :)

    2. Thanks a lot! Now I understand the reason for 'Congrats'! Just checked the results now! Feels great to be amongst the Winners! Congrats to you too! :)

  11. Anita, did u receive the flipkart vouchers? I haven't inspite of reminders.

    1. Yes, I received a mail with the subject 'Your Delhi Manifesto Voucher' with my Voucher code this Monday i.e. on Dec 2nd.
      Do check your mail account including the Spam folder. Do hope you find it soon.


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