Thursday 8 February 2024

The Sunset Treat

 A group of seniors had scheduled their meeting on the newest bridge in the city.

Their idea was to meet, chat, and watch the sunset together.

Priya was on the bridge staring at the water.


Photo Prompt - Peter Abbey

The laughter and banter of the seniors filled her thoughts.

Seeing the group, she understood that they might have been school/college friends.

They seemed to be enjoying their reunion.

She decided to make it extra special for them.

A few clicks on her phone and all was set!

A delivery person arrived on his bike soon.

He handed out heart-shaped snack-boxes and coffee to all.

100 Words Story for the Friday Fictioneers

I thought of several stories after seeing the photo prompt. Some were sad stories.

Chose this happy one for this Valentine's Day week. :)

I do agree that it is dangerous to accept such eatables as gifts from strangers. One never knows the intention of the giver. What is the quality of the foodstuff? Is it drugged or poisoned?

Do you think the seniors would have accepted the snacks and coffee?

Praying for a world where all can trust everyone else, and together share some food and fun...

Life is short. We never know when it will be sunset in our life.

I tried to bring in sunset, celebration, thoughtfulness of a good samaritan and treats together. 

Celebrate every day and try to make it special for all. Do you agree?

Advance wishes for Valentine's Day! Enjoy the treats!


  1. A random act of kindness, but liable to misinterpretation

  2. i commend her. hope there are more folks like her. :)

  3. Anita, Love this celebration of kindness and appreciation of life's moments! I love this character's big heart. We could all take a leaf out her book and be more spontaneous, more sharing. 💖

  4. What a lovely gesture. She's a kind-hearted soul and I'm sure the seniors will be delighted.

  5. What a nice person Priya is. Lovely story.

  6. I think this was simply a lovely gesture. Wonderful, Anita!

  7. What a thoughtful thing to do!---

  8. Thoughtful and kindhearted. I am sure in the cold weather it was appreciated. James McEwan

  9. What a generous gesture. I'd have accepted it!

  10. Yes, I agree! I liked this story a lot and I never thought about the dangers of accepting gifts of food from strangers, because the overall theme of kindness and love was so strong.

  11. Lovely way to end a story, Anita.



  12. The seniors would accept! Someone did this for my mom’s swimming group….donuts and coffee. They were more than happy to enjoy the snacks!

  13. I wouldn't be suspicious of her offer, only appreciative.

  14. What a kind thing to do! Alicia

  15. I bet she treats her grandparents as precious jewels also. She's a blessing to others that's for sure.

  16. How thoughtful! ~ Dawn

  17. I did not expect this pleasant ending!

  18. What a lovely act of kindness and a heartwarming story! -Angela


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