Wednesday 14 February 2024

The Snow Trip

“No, you cannot cancel our trip to the Himalayas yet again!

I’ve never seen snow in my life.”

Riya was upset.

It was the second time her husband had expressed his inability to go on the trip.

Riya had spent hours to book the trip.

Photo Prompt- Dale Rogerson

He had promised he would make it this time.

Now, he had outstation official work during that time!

The trip had already been prepaid.

They would get no refunds.

Riya decided to go for the trip herself.

She was excited to play with snow.

She was not quite excited seeing her husband enjoying there though!

100 words story for Friday Fictioneers

Did she enjoy her trip?

Did he enjoy his trip?

What do you think?

Heartiest Valentine's Day wishes to all!


  1. A grand deception unveiled, I guess. Sandra

  2. Dear Anita,

    Sounds like he found someone else to play in the snow with.



  3. Oh dear. He thought he could get away with it! Now, trouble ahead!

  4. He wasn't very clever, was he? Booking the same ski trip she had tried to persuade him on. Serves him right.

  5. She should have started wondering, methinks... He seems to always be unavailable for HER...

  6. Poor wife. Either he is very stupid, or did this deliberately and is very cruel.

  7. She caught him out, well it is time he moved out. James McEwan.

  8. i find the last sentence intriguing. did she feel guilty that her husband couldn't enjoy the snow as much as she did? or she saw him making the trip too with someone else? 

  9. Poor Riya. Was he there enjoying the snow alone or with someone else? Either way, it explains why she wasn't excited to see him. Notes to Women

  10. He has someone else on the side to play with. Is she alone or she also has someone on the side?

  11. Sounds like there's something other than business keeping him home. I hope she goes and has the time of her life!

  12. The vagueness of the last sentence made me wonder what was really happening... -Angela

  13. He's not only a cheater but a stupid one. I hope she wises up and leaves the cad.

  14. I predict an icy atmosphere when they get home.


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