Tuesday 20 February 2024

There Were No Footsteps When I Walked

I do not know how or why I embarked on that trip,

They laughed at me saying everything I did was a blip!

With the herd mentality, they indulged in copy-paste-

Anything original & great, they'd own up after a taste!

Image credit; Moostapper Pixabay

While they followed footsteps & copied all bit by bit,

Hiding sources, appropriating & falsely claiming credit!

I never saw any footsteps; I was just guided by Him.

I kept walking without any selfish agendas or whim.

After I had reached His grand idyllic place in style,

Turning back, I saw my trail & thanked Him with a smile.

I had braved the odds to reach where no person had dared!

It was His grace & calling; He showed that He loved & cared!

Linking this poem with - What Do You See? - #226

Just keep walking - what do you say?


  1. I think that being guided by Him, we can never go wrong. A beautiful and inspiring poem. Thanks for joining in. Sadje

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  3. So sorry having issues with commenting today, Anita. Anyway, I love your positive story wrapped in a beautiful poem, well done.

  4. Your tenacity was justly rewarded. Lovely, Anita.

  5. Very inspiring and lovely words

  6. Belief in all good things is a wonderfully graceful way to live :)

  7. “Turning back, I saw my trail & thanked Him with a smile.” ❤️


Your words mean a lot to me.

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