Tuesday 13 February 2024

Prints Being Sold As Pattachitra Art Paintings

In our previous post, we shared how the eyes of the deities are now being misrepresented- in printed photographs/images that are used even in temples and at homes in Puja rooms, and also on diaries, calendars etc.

Misrepresentation of Eyes of Deities- Shree Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Shree Jagannatha-


Even in the new art- paintings created by hand- artists are shaping the eyes incorrectly & not presenting the original eyes.

What is the shape of the eyes of Shree Balabhadra & Devi Subhadra in the "Pattachitra Art Painting" image given below?
This image depicts the eyes better (without squint)-

What is the name of the art that you can see in the above images?

Did you answer- Pattachitra or Patachitra?

Which state does the art belong to?

Did you answer- Odisha or Bengal?

Can all tribal art be art called Pattachitra?
Can Warli painting (art of Maharashtra) be also called Pattachitra?

Can all art of India- tribal and non-tribal be called Pattachitra?

Is the Pattachitra term generic & can be used, misused & misrepresented?

As if all the above issues were not enough, we also have FAKE items being promoted & sold using the term- Pattachitra.

In the images taken from the website @thebimbastore Bimba Store, many of Odisha's traditional art are being sold as "Pattachitra".
Surely, that is not the only store openly indulging in such infringement and violations.

Pattachita is the traditional art of Odisha that has divine connection with the Shree Jagnnatha Temple, Puri, Odisha.

->How many search results on that website for "Patachitra"? NONE

->How many results for "Pattachitra"? 44

But, the question is-
Are all these 44 "paintings" shown really- Pattachitra?

The answer is- NO

In fact, they are NOT even "Paintings".
They are - "PRINT ON: CANVAS".
They have simply printed the images of the original Pattachitra art works.

But, what are they being sold as?
"Pattachitra Art Painting" For Home Wall Art Decor

Why are printed products being sold as Pattachitra?
Why are the terms Pattachitra, Art & Painting used irresponsibly?

Pattachitra is getting diluted & our artists are suffering.
While original paintings must be sold, such "prints" pose grave challenges to the livelihood of our artists & also to the present existence & future of the local, traditional & heritage products like Pattachitra.

Generations of artists have kept this art alive.

When fake machine-made products are made available & accessible with such impunity & insensibility, why & how will the real products, artists & sellers get their due?

"Orissa Pattachitra" is a Geographical Indication (GI) art of Odisha, India.
This exquisite handicraft got the GI tag in 2008.

Misrepresentation is being done by the neighbouring state of West Bengal as they are selling their local art using the popular name of Odisha.
This has been highlighted multiple times on social media and on this blog before.
This writer has written to several authorities and officials requesting to #StopPattachitraMisuse.

Misrepresenting & Misusing = Appropriation & Infringement.

Action must be taken against those selling such fake products in the name of art.
Let them sell the original artworks and the real paintings that have been created by the artists using their own hands and by using real paints and colours.
If they sell the art or paintings of real Pattachitra artists, then they can call the art as Pattachitra.
That would be granting respect to the original artists and the art and also the region it belongs to. 

Prints are certainly not Art or Paintings!
All must STOP misusing and cheating the public.

Were you aware of such issues before? Please share in the comments below.

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