Monday 19 February 2024

You Look Great Even Without AI

Fairness has its stark advantages here.

Dark skin is not what most can bear.

"Fair is beautiful"- for many in our land.

Being fair is "lovely" & like a magic wand.

Source: Pexels

A darker shade of skin is sought to be lightened.

Beauty standards are accentuated & heightened.

"Fair" is much in demand in this digital age too!

Tech filters, apps & AI change the looks of you!

The next time you use them, be true & ask-

Who are you trying to impress with this task?

The photographs may get more likes & comments,

Do you wonder how much all this makes sense?

The new bride or female employee must know-

Only fairness is not enough for the glow! 

Perfection is within & not AI- let all understand! 

No matter what our skin tone is, we all look grand!

Do you think AI is needed to enhance our looks?

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