Sunday 22 April 2018

Want To Study or Work Abroad? #DefinitelyPTE

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A foreign education or a well-paying job abroad is the wish of many. But, mere wishing just will not ensure wish fulfillment. Proper planning and implementation is needed to attain goals and to hit the bulls-eye.
Image result for a goal is just a wish without a plan
Studying or working abroad comes with its quota of challenges and hurdles and ifs and buts some of which are as follows:

Limited/Poor Knowledge & Experience

Most of us are not well-equipped with the requisite knowledge and experience regarding how to attain the goal i.e. to study or land up a job abroad. Which university to apply? Which English Test to take?...and so many questions arise. With our limited knowledge and experience, how can we ensure to attain our goal to move abroad to study or work?

Costly Trial And Error

Most of us go ahead thinking we will learn along the way by trial and error. Due to our low-awareness level, we face difficulties on our journey. This way may prove costly- precious time and effort is lost and we may have to learn serious and expensive lessons...

Reliable Support-System Required

A wealth of information and a robust support system needs to be in place with- passport validity, visa applications, country regulation details, university acceptances, accepted English tests and a lot more requirements.
Image result for the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
As 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step', Pearson India's initiative to provide support to students, PTE Academic provides help towards that step.

PTE Academic
PTE Academic is a welcome step to make the journey easier.  
PTE Academic can help one move abroad for study, work or immigration. 
PTE Academic is the world’s leading computer-based English test.

English language is much needed for study/work abroad. PTE Preparation Course helps students.
Further, there are many Test Centres all over the world in many countries like China, Ireland, Kenya, Turkey, Oman etc.
There are many benefits of scoring system on PTE Academic and thus it is a great English Test option.

It is a 3 hour English test that tests students in three parts:
Part 1-  Speaking and writing - 77 - 93 minutes
Part 2- Reading                       - 32 - 41 minutes
Part 3- Listening                     - 45 - 57 minutes

PTE Academic is fast, flexible, fair and secure. 
PTE Academic as an English Language Test option is widely accepted by thousands of universities and many countries. To name a few:
  • Australian Business School in Queensland, 
  • INSEAD in France, 
  • Asia Pacific University in Japan 
  • Monash University in Malaysia
  • University of Cape Town in South Africa  etc.
100% of Australian, New Zealand, and Irish universities and 96% of UK universities accept the PTE scores.
Also, candidates can send their scores to an unlimited number of institutions without additional fees via their secure online account. Thus, PTE has unlimited score referrals.

#DefinitelyPTE as a student will know exactly what to expect as shown in this video:
Admission-process is grueling and very demanding. 
Thanks to PTE Academic, life becomes much more easier for the student and her family as they can be prepared well in advance with proper guidance.
#DefinitelyPTE to take off with ease!
#DefinitelyPTE to feel at peace!
#DefinitelyPTE to sail across the seas!
#DefinitelyPTE to be a whiz!
More information here- Pearson #PTEAcademic.
Are you planning to study or work abroad? Which country do you plan to go? Do share in the comments below.


  1. very beautiful and informative post . I hope this post will to each and everyone who wish to go abroad for education or for work .

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