Monday 16 April 2018

Mukteswar Temple, Bhubaneswar #AToZChallenge

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Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, is called the 'Temple City' as it has many temples.
Mukteswar Temple is called the 'gem' of Odishan architecture. 
Located in the 'Old Town' area of Bhubaneswar, Mukteswar temple was built in 950 AD. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of  'Mukteswar' that means- 'the Lord who gives freedom'.
The sculptures of ascetics are depicted in various meditation positions. 
Panchatantra tales are beautifully depicted on the walls. This photograph below shows the story of the monkey and the crocodile.
In this photograph, you find me proudly standing at the entrance of the Mukteswar Temple.  
The Odisha Handloom Silk Saree, I am dressed in, looks more beautiful in front of the magnificent 'Torana' (arched doorway) . The elegant arch gate captivates at first glance.
On the 'Chaitya' arch, there are lion heads with open jaws. It seems like a precious piece of intricate and delicate art by highly-skilled craftsmen. 
While retaining  the characteristics of previous architecture, the Jagamohana has a pyramidical roof and is evolved as an independent structure. There are beautiful carvings on the interiors of the roof.

The Jagamohana and the main temple are constructed on high platforms. The walls are sculptured. In the premises, there is a sacred tank and minor temples with sculptures.
Mukteswar Temple is a testimony to the talented artisans of Kalinga and the stellar Kalinga style of architecture.
'Mukteswar Dance Festival' is a famous annual event that is held in this temple's premises usually during January. 
Mukteswar Temple is an exquisite Indian Heritage site that you must visit when you are in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

Post for my second #atozchallenge. M for Mukteswar Temple.
My Theme is- "Odisha- The Soul of Incredible India".
Odisha is a state in the eastern part of India. Have you visited Odisha and India? 


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