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Lalitagiri, Ratnagiri And Udayagiri - Buddhist Heritage Odisha #AToZChallenge

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Buddhism in Odisha dates back to the time of Buddha. Many historical accounts, Buddhist sculptures and images are testimony to this.
Located about 100 kms from Bhubaneswar, Lalitagiri, Ratnagiri and Udayagiri are the ruins of Buddhist monastery complex.


One of the earliest Buddhist complexes dating back to 1st Century AD is at Lalitagiri. 
Remains of a huge brick monastery, Chaitya Hall, votive stupas, sculptures etc. throw light on Buddhist art and heritage. 
In 1985, golden caskets containing sacred tooth relics were discovered at Lalitagiri.
There is a museum that displays many Mahayana sculptures. 


Ratnagiri, located by the River Birupa, is a rich Buddhist heritage site where shrines, monasteries and stupas have been excavated. 
Buddhism flourished from 6th Century AD to the 12th Century AD. 

 Initially, Ratnagiri was an important Mahayana Buddhism centre. 
Later, in the 8th & 9th Century AD, Ratnagiri became a centre for Tantric Buddhism. In the 10th Century AD, Kalachakra Tantra emerged. 
There is an impressive Archaeological Museum at Ratnagiri, which deserves a separate post for itself.


Udayagiri is a large Buddhist complex that was called Madhavapura Mahavihara in ancient times.
Udayagiri came into being between 7th and 12th Century AD i.e. after Ratnagiri and Lalitagiri. Visitors can see brick monasteries, brick stupa, rock-cut sculptures and a stepped well with inscription.
Sculptures of Dhyani Buddha, Bodhisattva, Avolokiteswara, Tara, Jambhala, Aparajita, Heruka and others have been excavated from this site.
My second visit to Lalitagiri, Ratnagiri and Udayagiri was with the delegates of the 4th Kalinga International Buddhist Conclave.

Post for my second #atozchallenge. L for Lalitagiri
My Theme is- "Odisha- The Soul of Incredible India".
Odisha is a state in the eastern part of India. Have you visited Odisha and India? 
I am sharing some glimpses from Odisha. Do keep reading and discovering!


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