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15 Facts About Rasagola Dibasa - FAQs

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Here are some FAQs about Rasagola Dibasa. 
Take a look at the following 15 facts:

1. What is Rasagola Dibasa? 

A- Rasagola Dibasa is a day dedicated to Rasagolas.
In Odia language, Dibasa means day.
#RasagolaDibasa means Rasagola Day.

#RasagolaDibasa is a day of celebration just like #PakhalaDibasa and #UtkalaDibasa; Rasagola-lovers celebrate Rasagolas on this day! 

2. Where did the idea of Rasagola Dibasa begin?

A- The idea began on Twitter in tweets starting from March 2015 onwards with the hashtag- #RasagolaDibasa.

3. Why was Rasagola Dibasa proposed?

A- Rasagola Dibasa was proposed to celebrate Rasagolas by sharing Odisha's Rasagola story & glory. The world needs to be informed that Odisha is the birthplace of the Rasagola. Odisha's rich & ancient culture & heritage & Niladri Bije of Rath Yatra/Ratha Jatra has the Rasagola connection.
Rasagola has association with Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri

4. When was the first Rasagola Dibasa celebrated?

A- The first Rasagola Dibasa was celebrated on July 30, 2015 to commemorate Niladri Bije- the last day of the Ratha Jatra.
As 2015 was the year of the Nabakalebara that took place after 19 years, this special and sweet celebration was planned.

5. Why was Niladri Bije chosen for Rasagola Dibasa celebration?

A- Niladri Bije is a centuries-old Puri Temple custom and the ritual of Lord Jagannath associated with the Ratha Jatra. It marks the entry of the Gods to the Temple after their trip to their aunt's place. Rasagola works its magic to open the Temple's gate for Lord Jagannath. 
On this last day of the Ratha Jatra, Lord Jagannath is permitted to enter the Temple premises only after He placates by offering Rasagolas to His wife, Goddess Lakshmi. She is angry. Sweet Rasagolas help the Lord of the Universe!

 Niladri Bije, Rasagola Dibasa
Niladri Bije connection with Rasagolas
6. Why is the second Rasagola Dibasa planned for July 17th, 2016, while the first was on July 30th, 2015?

A- Rasagola Dibasa is based on Niladri Bije and the dates of Ratha Jatra & Niladri Bije vary each year as per the tithi. This year Niladri Bije and thus Rasagola Dibasa is on July 17th, 2016. 
The Niladri Bije tithi date is different every year (just like the Ratha Jatra, Diwali, Holi etc dates are different every year). 

7. Is it better to have a Day or a Date for the Rasagola Dibasa celebration? Why the confusion?

A- Initially, last year, it was decided to have a Date i.e. July 30th that was also a Day i.e. Niladri Bije of the Nabakalebara Ratha Jatra for the celebration. Many felt that a fixed date will mean easy remembrance, no confusion and larger participation overall. The Niladri Bije Day supporters cited historical significance & ancient ritual of the temple. 
In 2016, as per a poll, Niladri Bije 'Day' was decided. 
Whether it is a Day or a Date, the idea is to participate & celebrate! We dedicate a day - Niladri Bije to celebrate Rasagola Dibasa. That doesn't mean that we can't celebrate it for the rest of the days! 
Rasagola-lovers are most welcome to celebrate Rasagola Dibasa everyday; especially on both dates as per tithi & calendar i.e. the day- Niladri Bije & the date- July 30!

8. How was the first Rasagola Dibasa celebrated?

A- Facts & pics were actively shared in the social media and groups. Many gifted Rasagolas for themselves & for their family & friends. On-ground activities were conducted.

9. Is it compulsory to buy/have/eat/gift/share Rasagolas on Rasagola Dibasa?

A- No, it is not compulsory. But, it's recommended to share sweetness. 
If we don't want to buy/have/eat/gift/share real Rasagolas, we can share e-Rasagolas or Rasagola-related info. Others may share the same with us too!

10. How can Diabetic or health-conscious persons celebrate Rasagola Dibasa? 

A- These days sugar-free Rasagolas are available. However. there are many other ways to celebrate Rasagola Dibasa without eating Rasagolas! See the above answer (Q-9) for ideas.

11. Should you celebrate Rasagola Dibasa?

A- That's totally up to you whether you love/hate & depends on your mind & state! 
But, if you are a Rasagola-lover or supporter of the truth, you will not miss this day to celebrate.

12. Where can you celebrate Rasagola Dibasa?

A- Rasagola Dibasa can be celebrated anywhere & everywhere in the world- in India or abroad, at home or office, with friends or relatives...! Celebrate it online or on the ground! Share blogs, FB posts, Insta pics, tweets etc with #RasagolaDibasa.

13. What should you do on Rasagola Dibasa if you are allergic to or hate Rasagolas?

A- Don't let the Rasagola overdose give you a scare!
You are advised to take care as people like you are rare...

14. Where can you find great Rasagolas to eat/gift on Rasagola Dibasa?

A- Rasagolas are found in Indian shops around the world. But, for the best ones (soft, warm, delicious & melting in the mouth!), visit the birthplace of Rasagolas- Odisha, India.

15. Can events like Rasagola Dibasa change perceptions?

A- Rasagola Dibasa is a humble attempt to change the popular & incorrect perception.
That Rasagolas first originated in Kolkata/West Bengal in the 19th Century is NOT right. Rasagolas were being served in Odisha even before the 8th CenturyRasagola Dibasa is a platform to highlight 
The Dandi Ramayan and other ancient texts provide evidence & throw light. 

Latest in today's papers-

Panel seal on Rasgulla's Odia origin- The Telegraph, 14 July 2016
Rasgulla originated in Odisha

Events like Rasagola Dibasa can spread awareness, educate everyone & help the deserving earn rightful credit by bringing facts to the limelight.

Did you know that the birthplace of Rasagola is Odisha & Rasagolas originated in Odisha? Please share in the comments below.

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My post for IndiSpire Edition#125.
Last year, I proposed the maiden Rasagola Dibasa celebration on Niladri Bije of the Nabakalebara Ratha Jatra - July 30, 2015. Thanks to the support & participation of enthusiastic social media users and general public, Odisha & Rasagola earned media-coverage and #RasagolaDibasa trended. 
This year Niladri Bije is on July 17th, 2016. Join us to celebrate the 2nd Rasagola Dibasa.

Please do share this info with all your friends via email or social media messages, and forward to WhatsApp groups, and other Social Networking sites like FB, Twitter etc.

Cheers to Rasagola, Rasagola-lovers & Rasagola Dibasa !


  1. Loved this concept, very interesting. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.
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  3. well unknown facts that you have wrriten here. also rasagola is the only sweet that like to eat in sweet. thanks for sharing!

  4. Till now, I didn't know that the Rasgullas are originated from Odisha. I thought it is a Bengali sweet. So the article based on a sweet'diwas' served its purpose.

  5. Hahaha....this is sweet discovery....Rasagolla Dibas.....I would have Gulab Jamun Diwas too...:)

  6. And mysore-pak dibas..puran poli day..And Halwa Day.
    India doesnt lack in sweet delicacies.
    Enjoyed reading it!

  7. Mmmm...sweet indeed! Great info too!!
    The best part is that Rasagola Dibasa is/will be celebrated twice a year:)

  8. Very informative. Thanks for your efforts to get the lime light for rasagolla that it deserved.

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  12. Wow !! Loved ur post. Being an Odia, I cannot agree more with you. And thanks a lot for proposing the idea of having a Rasagola Dibasa


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