Thursday 19 May 2016


When the billionaire old man died, many were fanatical about his will.

On hearing the news, his heir, his only grandson, arrived galloping on his horse, expecting an enchanting twist in his life.

three line tales week 16 – letterbox
Picture Prompt- photo by Kirsty TG

As per his grandfather's will, he was to inherit everything including a box of Letters with many secrets that made him feel giddy...

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  1. Loved the accompanying picture. Lets hope the grandson is as prudent with his fortune as the grandfather so his offspring can benefit too!

    1. The picture is the prompt :)
      Truly. That's a great wish! Let's hope that for all inheritors.

  2. Intriguing..I wonder what is in the letters.😐

  3. What made him feel giddy? May be that will be another story material for you?
    Tc, keep smiling :-)


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